6 Ways To Boost Your Mood And Libido

how to boost mood

Human beings are complex when it comes to our mood and libido.  There can be a thousand different reasons why our mood and libido swing up and down like a yo-yo. It seems as if our mood and libido go hand in hand, when we are not happy in a relationship, our natural desire to be close and intimate with our significant other starts to diminish. 

The good news is that there are many steps that you can take to improve your mood, and by extension, your partner’s.  The same remedies can be applied when it comes to reviving that all-important bedroom ‘mojo.’  What’s even better, most of these are natural:  

6 Ways To Boost Your Mood And Libido



Tiredness is guaranteed to bring on foul moods.  We’ve all heard the ferocious noise infants are capable of when deprived of sleep.  As they grow older, the volume might diminish but the irritability remains.  No matter how amorous your partner might be feeling, if you’re shattered after too many sleepless nights, or stressful periods in your workplace, then it’s no wonder there are so many euphemistic headaches.  It’s so important to fall into a regular sleep pattern, because this is how your body rejuvenates, physically and mentally.  Once you’re sufficiently rested, you’ll be alert and your outlook will be far more positive.  Like anything else in your life, your libido needs to be nurtured, and certainly never taken for granted.

Keeping fit

We are continually bombarded with statistics about how unfit or overweight a huge segment of the population happens to be.  If you don’t want to be facing an array of potentially serious health issues by the time you reach middle-age, then it may be wise to start enjoying regular exercise.  Whether you go the full hog and take out a membership at your local gym is one thing (and there are also statistics revealing the rate of people lapsing after an initial month or so of enthusiastic visits to the treadmills and weights.)  But going for a brisk walk every day is a simple yet effective way to increase muscle tone and stamina, and maintain good cardiovascular health.

How does this translate to our mood?  Regular exercise releases chemicals in the brain – endorphins, neurotransmitters and endocannabinoids – that do just that, quashing depressive thoughts.  Ultimately, all the above will lead to a better dating life, and confidence will be lifted enough to try out dating sites like QuickFlirt.com!

Be aware of your diet

Junk food must be tackled in small doses.  That Friday night takeaway is fine for signaling the start of a weekend, but it should never stretch into the week.  Aside from the physical health problems, sugary and fatty foods only give a fleeting injection of good vibes.  While it can be exciting tucking into a sumptuous banquet, feeling bloated afterwards is not conducive to an evening of abandoned lovemaking, only heavy snoring and a mound of greasy plates in the morning.  Taking care to cook meals from scratch, adding lots of vitamin-heavy vegetables will keep your libido on the boil.


There are many vitamin supplements available over the counter at your local pharmacy, which can enhance your mood and keep the lid on depression.  These include chromium, folate, calcium, iron tablets, magnesium, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins D, B6 and B12, and a host of others.  Each of these will have a subtly different set of properties, but your pharmacist will willingly explain the benefits of each one before you decide which to go for.

Edible aphrodisiacs

A quick fix for libido has traditionally been a plate of oysters.  Not everyone is drawn to the delights of these creatures, with the prospect of slugging down the slimy textured contents of a shell acting as a passion killer rather than anything else.  But there are many alternatives.  If you’re looking for a meal bursting with food renowned for their aphrodisiac qualities, try out asparagus spears, followed by something generously dusted with chili or maca powder.  Another recommendation is crunching into celery sticks.

Mental health

Although the subject is only recently coming into the spotlight, mental health is just as critical as physical well-being.  People suffering from stress or depression are more amenable to seeking professional advice, or even offloading worries to a loved one.  This is all excellent when it comes to maintaining a focused outlook.  It’s as simple as this: positive mental health equates to healthy relationships, so get back on that horse and try a new dating site.


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