7 Ways to Add Veggies to Your Day


It’s Monday which means its the start to a new week! Time to add on a small goal or action item to your healthy living game plan if you haven’t already. If you are stuck on ideas, I would use these seven ways to add veggies to your diet as this week’s goal. They are simple changes that won’t alter your diet drastically. Think of yourself as a toddler who haaaates veggies; you have to sneak in those veggies any way you can. 


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  • While dining out: Try splitting an entree when you’re dining out, then order an extra side or two of veggies (sans sauces and seasoning);



photo source: Jim Crossley

  • While ordering in: Ordering out for pizza?  Try half & half toppings: order one half with grilled veggies like spinach/onion/mushroom/pepper & tomato, and the other half with your usual toppings. Ask for them to make it extra crispy so the veggies aren’t soft;



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  • Bulk up your recipes: Give your tomato soup or Italian sauce some extra density, nutrition and flavor by adding veggies like spinach, swiss chard, green  pepper,  zucchini and onion;



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  • Be prepared: Buy ready-made, pre-washed and bagged veggies like: lettuce, spinach, broccoli/cauliflower and shredded carrots.  This makes it  super easy to prepare a quick salad;

photo source: Ben Andreas Harding


  • Make Leftovers: Once a week stir-fry a large portion of your favorite veggies using your favorite oil & seasonings.   Divide into several small portions  that you can keep refrigerated for use during the week.   These can be a topping for your favorite burger or sandwich, used as a  filling for pita or tortillas,  added to soups and stews or homemade pizza.



photo source: Elana Amsterdam

  • Cut the carbs: Replace bread with whole green peppers or tomatoes stuffed with tuna or egg salad;



photo source: Apesanteur

  • Dress it up: Always keep savory dressings & dips on hand so it’s more likely you’ll reach for a salad or veggies.  We rounded up some of our favorite dressings in this article on Balanced Babe.






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