Balanced Babe is 1 Year Old! Part 1


What a great year it has been! Can you believe that Balanced Babe is now only one year old?! I can’t either. It seems as if I’ve been trucking away at this much much longer. 2014 and the start of Balanced Babe has been such a pure joy, and looking back I now realize that Balanced Babe accomplished oh so much. 

From a collection of plant-based recipes, to inspiring stories from women all around the world, we have covered so much ground and content. We’ve brought on expert contributors, grown into more than just a blog, and threw a huge holistic health conference to celebrate my industry. 

As we look back at 2014 and the first year of Balanced Babe, I want to put a spotlight on the highlights of my favorite stories and articles. Here are some words of wisdom we can take away from our past stories to utilize in 2015! 

The Balanced Babe Handbook for 2015:

– Words of Wisdom from Balanced Babe Influencers – 


“Love and believe in what you’re doing. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself if things don’t happen the way you think they’re supposed to. It’s hard to “go with the flow” when you’re putting time, money, and/or all your energy into something, but it’s important to let things happen naturally.  ”

 “Keep your focus throughout the day with these tips: Having a solid meal plan, healthy food in the fridge and my workouts scheduled ahead of time really helps. I like to take time on Sundays to plan my week so I can focus on the day-to-day when the time comes. Recently, I’ve also taken to scheduling positive affirmations into my phone as little reminders during the day. It may be cheesy, but it’s such a great reminder and ya gotta work on that mental fitness too! I really believe in the power of gratitude, positive thinking, intention and all that spiritual good stuff. I also think writing down your goals and referring back to them often is so important to help keep your focus. Yes, I’m kind of obsessed with pretty notebooks. Okay, and coffee too. Coffee always helps.” Deryn of



“You have to have thick skin. It’s a tough business and people can be incredibly harsh. You have to be able to take criticism and rise above set backs. It’s an extremely competitive industry so you have to be a very hard worker and know that it may take a long time to achieve your goals.” Whitney English

“Know in your core the person you want to be and live a life right now that reflects that, take the right actions towards your dreams and trust that if it is meant for you, it will happen and if not, you will find something even more magnificent.” Cassandra Bodzak

“Everyday I wake up with 3 goals- body mind and spirit. I first take time to do yoga every morning and dry brush my skin to eliminate toxins, followed by warm water with lemon, ginger or mint. Then I head to the gym and do either a pilates, dance or fitness class. Next I address my mind. I write articles, create custom diets for my clients, work on my app and research the latest nutritional topics so I’m always up to date. Last I address my spirit. I cook, spend time with friends and family, listen to books on tape, try new classes and take time for myself. I believe you need to have the balance with the 3.” Eat Feel Fresh

 ”  If you do something daily on your way to your big goal, totally amazing things will start happening. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. The best opportunities come when you are a little scared. ” Classy Career Girl

“Success loves Speed. This means get into action before you are ready, it is progress not perfection and if you are waiting for everything to be perfect you will never get into action and see results.” Kelly Lynn Adams


“These are my favorite holistic remedies: I adore apple cider vinegar to balance my pH levels. I take a swig everyday and also use it to clean my face. I can’t leave home without my essential oils. Peppermint, germanium, lavender and a few Doterra blends are my go-to’s. I also do regular epsom salt soaks to help my tired muscles and magnesium absorption. ” Kathryn Budig

” The first thing we must all remember is that if you don’t manage your time, then your time will manage you. It’s simple, decide who is in charge? Are you in charge of your life? Or is your life in charge of you?” The Wellness Agent


  – Nutrition –


 When eating, count to 15 while chewing each bite of food  to aid digestion and weight loss.

 Invest in a juicer or blender and make it a goal to have at  least one juice or smoothie per day. It’s time to increase  your plant-based consumption!

 Follow the 80/20 rule.



– Holistic Health & Lifestyle – 


 Use more pink Himalayan salt in your recipes. Himalayan salt detoxifies the body and balances pH levels. 

Do these workouts on vacation.

Use these tips to eat healthy without dieting.

“Observe your tongue each morning.  A healthy tongue is pink without residue.  A tongue with a white coating indicates food sensitivities and systemic toxins.” Monica Yearwood

Bring your best self forward with these 5 strategies.

 7 ways to get out of the Monday rut.



  – Beauty –


 Reduce acne and fight wrinkles with turmeric and green tea.

 Depuff your eyes with potato slices.

 Stimulate circulation, lymphatic drainage, and smooth out  cellulite with dry body brushing.





We can’t wait to share another year with our readers! Happy 2015! 


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