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Balanced Babe readers know that I am all about promoting and supporting the holistic wellness movement, so I absolutely love it when we come across other communities that have similar missions that are down for collaborating.  Balanced Babe has been featured on, a fitness and wellness directory, community, and educational site that shows local readers where they can find unique and new studios or services within our industry. 

They also created a program with their brand partners that gives readers $20 coupons to try out the studios and services on their list. Count me INNN!  The two mindful gals who created this site are both coachs themselves, so they know what their community needs when it comes to wellness. I personally believe we need to venture out more and discover new holistic practices that can help us keep our zen and prevent future health issues. Any community or outlet that shows people where to go is a great supplement for promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

Anyway, Stacey, one of the founders of, wanted to interview me for an article and of course I said yes! I spoke about what drove me to start Balanced Babe, and three key strategies for listening to your body:

1: Develop an action plan: It doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to start, you can figure it out (you can LITERALLY Google anything, my friends). Think of your end all goal, then think of a goal that reaches halfway to that, then develop some action plans to get to that halfway mark. You’re set.

2: Take one day to be aware of how you feel: Check in with yourself and figure out what the heck you’re feeling at that very moment. Take a moment to listen to any stresses, or feelings of accomplishments, and do something that day to adjust. It can be a little change.

3: Crowd out instead of cut out: If you are one of my clients reading this then you know alllll about it. Think of nutrient dense foods you can include in your diet and focus on that. Don’t focus on the junk you need to cut out. Putting yourself into a positive mindset can do wonders. 

If you want to read the rest of the interview you can check it out here!

Either way, check out their site and start exploring! 


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