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Being a Balanced Babe, I focus on balancing life, not putting myself on a restrictive “diet”  24/7. That is simply not balanced. So, I have my wine here and there (red wine – antioxidants!!), and I  have my sweets when I want some sweets. With that being said, I also focus on eating plant based food sources at least three times a day (breakfast lunch and dinner), and I practice other mindful eating habits to lead a healthy life.

Sometimes though, I go through weekends when there are events that have absolutely no healthy options (and I’m in the corner devouring cupcakes), or I find myself eating a dinner that is far from nourishing (with maybe a few too many glasses of wine). After these weekends, I usually will do a mini juice cleanse to reset my gut and give my digestive system the break it needs to start over for a new and healthy week.

Lucky for me, I was able to try out PALETA recently, and loved it! I chose 5 juices, and one smoothie. The stars seemed to have aligned, because I received my  PALETA shipment after a weekend of indulgence. This gave me the opportunity to really see what PALETA is all about.



My PALETA Juice Detox

I had two juices in the morning, the first is called Sonic Tonic and contains collards, celery, cucumber, spinach, romaine, bosc pear, and  lemon. I enjoyed the refreshing taste, and definitely the dense amount of nutrients and vitamins! My second juice was their Kale Kooler which had; kale, jicama, pineapple, lime, cilantro, and serrano. This had a kick to it from the cilantro and serrano, and was my second favorite of the day! After these two juices I was frolicking around and working hard until about 2pm when hunger struck. I was on the go, but had a juice in my purse just for this purpose so that I prevented any hunger pangs.

I felt fine after my third juice, the Red Root. This one is a mixture of beets, carrot, apple, alkalized h2o, ginger, and lemon. After this juice,  I was ready to take on the rest of my mini detox. My fourth juice around 3:30 was another Sonic  Tonic, and around 5pm I had the fifth concoction made of carrot, yam, alkalized h2o, ginger, lemon, and turmeric root, called the Carrot Cocktail. All was smooth sailing, and I wasn’t feeling foggy or shaky.


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As a matter of fact, I had lots of energy, and no afternoon slump! Typically, people will crash after lunch because they eat empty carbs or a lunch that is difficult to digest, so their  body’s energy is focused on digesting their food instead of using the energy to stay focused for the rest of the day. This PALETA juice detox proved to me again, that keeping your meal plan for the day light by eating mainly veggie/fruit/and nut based foods in the morning and afternoon, can save you from afternoon sleepiness.

Around 7pm, I had the pistachio shake. HOLY MOLY – it tasted like pistachio gelato in smoothie form –  I loved it and am craving it now! It is a concoction of almond, pistachio, alkaline h2o, coconut, date, vanilla bean, cinnamon, chlorophyll, mint, and sea salt. I had to fight my boyfriend from stealing the bottle from me – I mean, sometimes I turn into a 3 year old and have sharing problems when it comes to food, ya know?

At the end of the day, I felt light, energized, and focused. I wasn’t feeling full or fatigued as I usually do after a long day of work, and I definitely wasn’t feeling faint from not having any solid foods. PALETA‘s one day juice cleanse was all I needed to reset my gut for the week ahead and get back on track with my healthy eating mindset!


PALETA salad
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I also loved the fact that I didn’t have to plan out what I was going to eat or prepare anything for myself the whole day! When I do mini juice cleanses, I have to prepare the night before by juicing all my produce. I make a mess, it takes up time, and it makes it a little inconvenient to keep up the habit. With PALETA, the on-the-go mentality relieves any stress that may come with planning a juice cleanse or detox.


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For those of you that aren’t familiar with PALETA, it was created by Executive Chef Kelly Boyer, who is a cancer survivor, and one inspirational woman. PALETA offers designer meal delivery services to locals in LA, California, and nation wide cleanse, and pressed juice delivery. You can choose your plan, your portion control (for meal plans only), and your diet type to get started.

PALETA’s packaging is biodegradable and recyclable, their produce is sustainable and locally sourced, they contribute to numerous philanthropic organizations,  and they constructed SoCal’s first certified commercial GREEN kitchen. Also, purchasing certain meal and detox plans can also lead to a tree being planted!


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So seriously, how could you not want to use PALETA as a source for your detox or cleanse?

To check out their delicious meal plans available to residents of Southern California(vegan and vegetarian plans are available!) check it out here.

Info about their cold pressed juices can be accessed here, and their mind body cleanse info can be read about here!

Also be sure to keep up with PALETA via Twitter // Facebook // & Instagram!

Start Juicin’ !!!


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