I’m a Balanced Babe and .. I am a Marathon Runner

Hi Balanced Babes! I’m a health and fitness blogger and the running and fitness editor at TheActiveTimes.com. l run to stay fit and eat to feel healthy and strong. By sharing my daily experiences I aim to inspire and help others find the fun in fitness and the enjoyment in eating healthy.
You can read more about my story here: About Katy
BB: What is the mission behind your blog?
My goal for hungry-runner.com is to inspire others to live a healthy life through finding fun in fitness and enjoyment in eating well.
BB: What are your four tips to staying motivated to live a healthy lifestyle?
1. Do what you love– Find an exercise or activity that you really enjoy so that “working out” doesn’t feel like a chore and it’s something that you look forward to instead.
2. Set realistic goals– You can’t run a marathon with only a few weeks of training or expect to lose a large amount of weight in just a few weeks. Set small weekly and monthly goals for yourself that you can use as stepping stones that will help you achieve something over a longer period of time.
3. Be patient- Expecting results right away, no matter what your goal is, will only lead to disappointment and that’s one of the biggest motivation killers of all.
4. Workout with friends- The more time you spend with people who are interested in the same activities as you, the more time you’ll spend being active, and you’ll have more fun too!
BB:  What are 5 items you never leave home without?
1. My music and headphones
2. A water bottle
3. Unless I’m going to work, my running shoes are usually always with me or on my feet
4. Sunglasses
5. A smile
BB:  How do you maintain the Balanced Babe lifestyle?
Part of my health and fitness journey included learning about nutrition, and when I started working out more and running, which types of foods worked best for me as fuel.
I still have a lot to learn and my diet isn’t perfect (it never will be), but I maintain the balanced babe lifestyle by reminding myself that everything I eat has a direct effect on my running performance, which makes it easier for me to make more nutritious choices at every meal.
It also means never considering any sort of food as off limits or “unhealthy.” I believe that a healthy diet truly is all about balance and simply allowing yourself to eat whatever it is that you might be craving, even if it’s not the most nutritious option. 
BB:  What are some important tips to training for a marathon or any long distance run?
Realize that a big part of it is mental. When your mileage really starts to increase, it might seem daunting and overwhelming, but remember that your body can most likely handle the task at hand, the real hard part will be wrapping your mind around it. Convincing yourself that you can do it through positive self-talk is extremely important for covering those longer distances. Other than that, remember to take training one day at a time so that you don’t start to feel overwhelmed by the larger task at hand.
Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Whether it be asking a coach for advice about your training program or asking a friend to meet up with you for moral support at the end of a Lon training run, the small little things that your friends and family can do to help you will make a big difference. You’re going to need all the support you can get!
BB:  From your experiences, do you think it is better to workout in the morning or at night?
If I’ve learned one really important thing about fitness, it’s that the best time to exercise is the time that works best for you! But personally, I enjoy working out in the morning because it kick starts my day, I feel more productive in the mornings at work, it allows me to start my day on a positive note and then I don’t have to worry about checking it off my to do list when I get home later on in the day and I’m tired from working all day. I know myself and I’m much more likely to blow off my workouts after a long day of work, so most days I make a point to get it done first thing in the morning. 
BB: What are some of the benefits you experience from being a runner?
Because I love it so much, running keeps me locked into a consistent workout schedule. Running makes me happy and my favorite benefit is that it connects me with an inspiring and passionate community of enthusiastic athletes!
BB: What is your advice for women who want to start adding running into their fitness routine but don’t know where to start?
Start slow and take it one day at a time. I highly recommend the Couch to 5K training plan. The biggest mistake that many people make when they try running for the first time is that they do too much too soon, become extremely fatigued and maybe even injured and then give up because they felt it was too difficult.
Following a structured plan will help you take each workout one step at a time and slowly build up your fitness so that at the end of the program you’re able to run a 5k (3.1 miles) without stopping.
That, and just enjoy the process. It will be slow and difficult but it’s definitely worth it. And again, don’t be afraid to ask for help!
BB: What can we expect from you in the near future?
More content about fitness and running on TheActiveTimes.com. I wish I could say that I’ll be blogging more (not that I won’t be, but I won’t be updating on Hungry Runner as frequently as on The Active Times), but at the moment most of my attention will be directed there, as it’s an outlet that has allowed me to connect with so many incredible experts that have a ton of inspiring and intelligent insight to share!
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