I’m a Balanced Babe and .. I’m the Founder of Naturally Chic NAils

     naturally chic nails
 Hi Balanced Babes! Demi here, founder of Naturally Chic Nails.   I am a natural nail tech and started Naturally Chic Nails in hopes of informing clients that getting your nails done does not need to be toxic. I was starting to feel that many people were becoming a bit hesitant to get their nails done. They felt as though a manicure would destroy their nails and was nothing but chemicals. I became determined to find the right products and wanted to change peoples opinions, so I found and now use Zoya which is a vegan nail polish. I also use vegan lotion from Hempz and natural scrubs which I make and I  NEVER use pure acetone or drills. I also stayed away from acrylics and hard gels to avoid any odor or damage to the natural nail bed. My goal is for clients to walk into my space and feel relaxed and not worry about any harsh smells I hope many women continue to get their nails done and love their results of healthy, natural, beautiful nails. I’m so excited to be this week’s Balanced Babe and can’t wait to share my own wellness journey with you!
naturally chic nails
BB: What does a typical day look like for you?
        My typical day starts with my Green Meal smoothie. I actually feel lost if I don’t drink it in the morning!  I do pilates in the mornings with a trainer or I do simple stretches and mat work out at home. Then I need to check my emails and keep up with social media. I get to the spa before clients to be set up for my day and then I’m at the spa taking care of clients most of the day! I end my day with a yummy vegan dinner I prepare and just relax with a show or some reading! 
naturally chic nails
BB: What are your quick tips for keeping fit?
         PILATES!!! Totally my favorite work out! I’ve noticed a change in my posture and over all body tone since I’ve started. When ever I don’t meet with my trainer I do a mat ab series at home along with some foam rolling! Walking my dog…..also a great quick exercise!
naturally chic nails
BB: What does a typical meal plan for a day look like for you?
          Breakfast is always a Green Meal Smoothie from Karyn’s. I make it every morning when I wake up or to save time I’ll make it the night before so it’s ready for me in the morning. For lunch I try to stay raw and just have a salad with jicama. Dinner is typically a side salad and something vegan which I cook. I’ve made great dishes such as curried eggplant, built my own pizza, chickpea quinoa burgers, and more! 
naturally chic nails
BB: What are your go to healthy snacks for on the run?
         I absolutely love hummus with carrots! Sweet potato chips with vegan sour cream makes for a great snack or sometimes on the go I love just about anything from Go Raw. Go Raw has some delicious super cookies and coconut crisps! 
naturally chic nails
BB: How do you maintain the Balanced Babe lifestyle?
        I maintain the balanced babe lifestyle simply by staying organized and trying to stay as stress free as possible. Aside from work, I reserve time for family and friends and even some alone time. I try to never stay mad and always look on the bright side of things. I love my life and what I do and everyday thank God for all my blessings. 
To learn more about Demi, find her at NaturallyChicNails.com!



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