6 Ways To Stay Healthy At Work

how to stay healthy at work

When it comes to balancing our career and wellness routine, it can be hard to keep up especially when it seems like we are being pulled in multiple directions.  Having a demanding work schedule can be stressful, making it increasingly difficult to make room for other things we enjoy like being active.  However, looking after your health shouldn’t  slip down your list of priorities. Even though our career is a major slice of the pie in our lives, having a demanding schedule can make it tough when it comes to staying fit.

To help you balance work and wellness, we rounded up some tips to help you keep fit and maintain well-being at work. 


Keep your commute healthy

The majority of us have some sort of commute to work, and with a few small tweaks, you can integrate exercise into this part of the day. If you live somewhere sunny, ride a bike to work; if you live within walking distance, try to walk to work as much as you can. Even parking farther away or getting off the bus one stop further away from the office can help you rack up extra activity during your commute. Not only will this help you add more movement into your day, you’ll be able to enjoy some extra fresh air and mental clarity before you start the day at your office. 


Don’t skip the stairs

If your day job is relatively sedentary, it’s important to take advantage of any opportunity to add movement into your day. For those of you that live in a multilevel office building, using the elevator or escalator is cheating yourself out of an opportunity to get additional exercise. Try using the stairs as often as possible – if you’re leaving the office frequently for meetings, your steps can really add up and your metabolism will thank you. 


Take meetings on the move

Many of us have meeting after meeting throughout the work week, and a majority of these meetings take place at either our desk or a conference room. If you have a meeting with a colleague that isn’t extremely formal, take these meetings on the move. Be naughty and push your luck by suggesting you meet with your coworker and walk around the block or to the coffee shop on the other side of the premise.


Get hopped up on water

This tip is mentioned time and time again. Purchase a 1 liter BPA free water bottle to keep on hand throughout the day and aim to drink around 2 liters per day. Make this a habit to not only hydrate you but to improve your skin tone, energize, and keep up digestive health. 


Put the Salt Down

Salt, or its chemical component sodium,  is a main contributor to high blood pressure. High blood pressure and stress at work is too much of a common theme in our modern world. In addition to this, too much sodium disrupts the balance of fluids in the body.  Processed food is the number one contributor to a high salt diet.  Extraordinary and unnecessary volumes of salt are used in processed foods, and eating a lot of processed food can quickly increase your salt intake to an unhealthy number. Stay away from the microwave meals at lunch time and try to cook your own meals either during your lunch or the night before.  There is no way you can match the amount of salt in processed food in your own cooking.


Be mindful of caffeine consumption

Beverages that boost your caffeine intake can result in an increase in blood pressure, and if this caffeine is not used up by the body during office hours, it can be detrimental to your health. If you suffer from high blood pressure and have a sedentary working role, then high caffeine intake can have an even greater negative effect on your well-being.  Timing your caffeine consumption to only in the morning or one at lunch time can be beneficial,  but regular intake could mess with getting proper rest at night. Green tea has been found in some studies to reduce blood pressure, so put a box of green tea on your desk and drink up, again this contributes to your water intake as well as all the additional benefits.



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