The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For The Balanced Babe In Your Life

V-day is just around the corner and for all those who are procrastinators, this gift guide will help you out. Ya hear?!


Our team has rounded up some gift ideas for the Balanced Babe in your life for this special romantic holiday. From lush spa packages, to romantic dinner date ideas, we’re saving you from going through the trouble of trying to figure out what to get the gal (or guy) of your dreams. 

Your welcome.

The Balanced Babe Valentine’s Day Gift Guide:


  • Sex dust by Moon Juice: This edible blend is said to awaken your sexual energy with special medicinal ingredients like Maca for longevity and Ho Shou Wo for reproductive function and sex drive. You can add it to your smoothies, juices and even your morning coffee.


  • Le Labo Santal 33 perfume:  This is a personal favorite. Probably the hands down sexiest perfume I’ve come across. It’s scent is woody and rich with a sensual blend of sandlewood, cedarwood, leather, and violet accord. 


  • Radiant love butter: This body butter is not only a blend of vanilla and cinnamon essential oils, it’s completely edible. 


  • Goji cacao truffle: When it comes to sweets, a Balanced Babe will splurge but it always helps to put a healthy spin on anything you gift this type of gal.  


  • An aromatherapy pen that will get you in the mood: An interesting concept, this vape company has all natural blends (nicotine free). This sensual blend of patchouli, jasmine and lime is said to help you de-stress and increase your sexual alertness just by inhaling the blend. Monq is completely tobacco and chemical free as well. 


  • Sex tea by Yourtea: Another food product that will enhance your libido and drive. Sip on this and feel sexy. 


  • Cocoa butter bath truffles: For the gal who loves to soak in the bath. These bath truffles are infused with delectable scents that will take relaxation to a whole new level. 


  • Cannabis candle: Another way to bring aromatherapy to the bedroom. This candle is created with notes of pepper, fig, and sandlewood, with a “Cannabis” scent. 


If you’re local to Chicago

1: Soothe massage: Order your significant other a massage at home with the Soothe app. A masseuse will come straight to you with just one click of a button. This is perfect for the days that are below zero here in Chicago, and for the homebodies that prefer to have luxury come to them. Who wouldn’t want that?

2: Head to toe spa package from theWit: The Spa at theWit has a few fabulous packages for V-Day including a Cocoa hydration facial using cocoa, macadamia, and jojoba oils; a couples massage; and a head to toe package that consists of a full body massage and pedicure. I took advantage of the head to toe package and experienced a blissful retreat in the heart of Chicago. The massage oil was infused with  grapeseed, jojoba, seabuckthorn and superfood pomegranate, and the pedicure included a cocoa hydrating mousse mask that deeply hydrated. It was such a treat – you’ll be glad you booked some time there.  

3: A trip to King Spa: I have never been there, but many friends literally rave about this hidden gem. Just a short drive north of the city is a Korean inspired spa that boasts 9 unique sauna rooms containing special gemstones like amethyst, salt, stone and wood. You can simply pop in to relax in their numerous pools or saunas, or even book treatments. 

4: A romantic dinner at Artango: Tucked away in Lincoln Square is an Argentine steakhouse boasting an intricate menu and wine list that will definitely set the mood for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. I had the pleasure of dining there recently and thoroughly enjoyed their hefty serving of paella and especially the flan dessert. They are offering a prix fixe menu for V-day that
you can take a peek at here 

5: Couples cooking class: Couples who cook together, stay together. Take a cooking class with your lover and learn how to make “romantic” recipes – your date night is about to reach a whole new level.


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