We are Balanced Babes and .. We Started a Food Allergy Specific Dating Site

Imagine a new social network or platform that allows you to find new and old friends who had to deal with irksome allergies. Well now there’s a newly launched site for that, AllergicAttraction.com.  I was able to get some details from the founders Arriane and Alexis Pizzuro, about what Allergic Attractions is all about. 
Hi Balanced Babes! We are Arianne Schreer and Alexis Pizzurro,  two sisters from Tenafly, NJ.  We each have two children, and have worked in our family real estate business for most of our lives.


BB: What sparked the idea of Allergic Attraction?
 We always used to talk about doing something new and different on our own but we never really knew what to do.  Two nights before Christmas William, Arianne’s son, had his first anaphylactic reaction.  He was first diagnosed at the age of 2 with his allergy.  We had always managed his allergy and nothing like this had ever happened. It was truly an extremely scary experience because he is also asthmatic.  As we spent hours with him in the hospital that night we spoke about the fear of him growing up and going off to college and dating-etc. and the idea of Allergic Attraction was born!
BB: That must have been extremely scary to experience as a parent! Tell us more about Allergic Reaction, are strong relationships being formed through this outlet?
Allergic Attraction has literally just launched, but we have already seen so many friendships form! It’s not all about the romantic relationships, but connecting with those that are going through the same difficulties as you. Allergic Attraction is the first site to do this for people suffering from allergies.
BB: Is Allergic Attraction a way for individuals looking to find true love?
 Allergic Attraction is a meeting place, a platform for young adults with allergies to meet.  Whether its love or friendship we are thrilled either way.
BB: Do either of you suffer from specific food allergies?
We ourselves do not suffer from Allergies but we have William and a community full of friends whose children have it.  It really is impossible at this point to not know a person who suffers from food allergies.
BB: Outside of Allergic Attraction, how do you maintain a Balanced Babe lifestyle?
 A Balanced Babe lifestyle sounds so funny.  I’d have to say our fitness classes which include spin, running and core classes plus the help of fabulous fitness clothes!  As we have gotten older our eating habits and exercise routines have become true lifestyle changes.



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