Whitney Reynolds: Living Out Her Dream, Being a TV Host on PBS, and More.

What do you get when you have beauty, brains, and a whole lot of personality? A fearless and exceptional TV Host, that’s what! 

So let me tell you why I think Whitney Reynolds is so kick-booty awesome. Not only is she living out her dream hosting her OWN show on PBS (The Whitney Reynolds Show), she is beyond down to earth and really understands what #girlpower means. 

You know how sometimes you come across women who give off this vibe “Oh, I am soo about women supporting women and promoting each other and lifting one another up to success”, but then really when it comes down to it, they don’t walk the talk? Yea, I’ve come across a lot of gals like that throughout my course of being an entrepreneur. BUT let me tell you that Whitney is one lady who really wants women in business to shine, and understands that we need to promote and empower fellow female entrepreneurs.

Whitney features female business owners who give back during her radio contributions in Chicago, but she also focuses on important topics on her show interviewing guests of all walks of life. She is even a panelist at our 2nd Annual BeHealthful Retreat in September! Can you believe it?!

For those readers that are new, BeHealthful is our annual women’s wellness summit that pulls elements from a retreat and expo to give attendees an exceptional and unique experience that is unlike other 1 day wellness events in Chicago. We have an AMAZING lineup of speakers and movement teachers who will be educating attendees all darn day. This summit is truly a trans-formative experience for guests and our way of promoting the wellness industry in Chicago. So keep an eye out for more news on our annual bash!

When we spoke about this collaboration for the first time I could really  hear it in her voice that she was genuinely excited to be a part of BeHealthful. A day that is focused on empowering women to embrace a powerful wellness lifestyle. So – that’s pretty rad, and even more rad that all of our attendees will be learning from her! Oh, and not to mention she will be setting up shop all day promoting her jewelry line, Accessory Mercado By Whitney ReynoldsSo there will be some serious shopping!

Before I get too ahead of myself, Whitney is here (in digital form) to share some of her success tidbits, some advice she would tell her younger self, and how she maintains the Balanced Babe lifestyle in our NEW webinar series that is dedicated to promoting all of our powerful speakers. Time to get excited! Check out Whitney in her webinar above!


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