5 Signs Your Clean-Eating Diet Has Gone Too Far


The Internet is full of diets with “promises” that you can lose 6-7 pounds a week, and many of these diet are not sustainable or result in real success. And, what is even worse, some can seriously harm your health. Experts warn that these types of diets for quick weight loss, can do more harm than good. No matter the type of diet you follow, many of us try to stick to the rules of clean eating, and when we get wrapped up in the idea of eating clean, we can even take that too far. If you consider yourself a clean eater, but notice any of the of the below signsin yourself, you may be taking your seemingly healthy lifestyle too far. 


5 Signs Your Clean Eating Diet Has Gone Too Far


1: You constantly talk and think about clean eating, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle

If you spend three to four hours thinking about food every day, and often stress over what’s on the menu for tomorrow, this may be the first sign that you are in trouble. People who become obsessed and fixated on eating clean spend unusually large amounts of time dedicated to studying, buying, and preparing healthy foods. Planning ahead can help you make better food choices. But if you spend more than three hours a day of shopping, chopping, prepping, planning and feeling anxious about meals, then eating is becoming an obsession. It’s no longer a healthy habit but an internal struggle for control – a classic sign of an eating disorder.

2: You criticize other people’s eating habits

Do you have problems with your friends because they avoid dining out with you? Perhaps the reason for this is exactly that you constantly criticize them and their diet.  Many people start out feeling enthusiastic about eating better, so it’s natural that they want to share that excitement with friends and family. But be careful not to lose sights when it comes to this. Healthy eaters can be preachy about their beliefs. And that can be annoying. Your food choices should not define who you are as a person, and you should not judge others based on what they eat. There is more to life than food! Choose to eat well because you want to feel good, not because you will brag about it.

3: You avoid company and your importance on a social life starts to dwindle

Someone has invited you to a celebration or an event where food and drinks are included, and you’re thinking whether you should go based on what type of food will be served. Any type of get-together, whether its your friends  ordering food onine for a night in, going out for a drink, or throwing a dinner party – all of this starts to make you anxious or frustrated because you are not in control of what you will be consuming during these social situations. If your eating habits are getting in the way of family functions, social events or workplace lunches, it’s time to rethink your limited menu. A balanced eating plan means you can eat clean but still enjoy dinner with friends without feeling guilty. These feelings of isolation are common for many people who become too tied up in eating clean.

4: You have cut out too many food groups from your diet

All will agree that eating too much  sugar,  flour, and fat is not healthy, but it does not mean that every single food that may have sugar, carbs, and fat should be removed from the menu. If your “no- list” increases, stop and think about it. When the number of foods you avoid surpasses the list of foods you eat, you’ve gone too far. It makes sense to skip foods you dislike or that make you feel sick. But if there is no real reason to cut certain ingredients, ask yourself why have you made such rigid choices. You should select foods that taste good and nourish yourself, because when you cut entire food groups, you can be eliminating nutrients that your body needs.

5: You feel immense amounts of guilt if you are not adhering to your diet

You relax for a moment and eat a piece of cake or a hamburger, do you have to feel guilty? Of course not. Everyone is going to break a diet. Do not worry, it’s human nature and completely normal. Clean eating is about making nutritious choices most of the time, but sometimes leaving room for indulgences. You should not feel guilty about enjoying apple pie or movie theater popcorn once in a while. In a balanced and healthy eating plan, there is no shame in enjoying something delicious.

Everything you do in your life has to be done carefully and with attention, because it’s extremely easy to get too caught up in trying to lead a perfect life.  Paying attention to our health and lifestyle is very important, but you have to know when to stop. There are limits for everything and we should constantly practice becoming more aware of what helps us, and what hurts us in the long run. 


About the author Vanessa Davis:

Vanessa Davis is a 32-year-old fitness enthusiast, mother of two and content writer at www.diet.st. She’s originally  from Long Island, New York, and when she isn’t cooking up some new health and fitness article, she enjoys doing yoga and figuring out new, delicious organic recipes for herself and her kids.

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