5 Ways to Be Balanced Today

easy soup

Food: super-fast veggie soup – Too tired to cook? This soup just takes 3 main ingredients plus your seasoning.  Have on hand:  A large bottle of V-8 Juice (I use low-sodium), one bag of frozen “grilled” veggies, one bag of frozen “seasoned” onion/pepper/celery mix.   Defrost the frozen veggies & onion mix and saute in olive oil in a large pot.  Add 6 cups of V-8 juice and 2 cups water.  Season to taste with your favorite spices.  You can also add one or two boullion beef cubes for added flavor.   Before serving you can sprinkle with nutritional yeast, or shredded cheese.


Beauty:  treat yourself to a spa night – Friday nights are perfect for an evening of wine, pampering, and just simply zoning out! I shared my three DIY beauty remedies that I am currently experimenting with over at GlossedAndFound.com, you can see the ingredient list here! I personally love doing spa nights at home on Friday to start the weekend on the right note, and to of course unwind after a long crazy week (not to mention my skin and hair thank me)!

floral arrangement
photo source: Paval Hadzinski

Mind: bring more beauty into your life by enjoying a floral arrangement –  when was the last time you set out an arrangement of flowers to enjoy?  The scent and visual enjoyment adds to our appreciation of the beautiful things in life that we tend to forget in our day-to-day busyness.  A pop of color, like a bunch of daffodils, can brighten up our day just as well as a vase of red roses might make us feel glamorous as well as have a relaxing effect.  Dr. Nancy Etcoff Ph.D, in conjunction with Harvard University, conducted a study showing that we have less worry and anxiety, more compassion, as well as a boost of energy and happiness when flowers are present.

body image
photo source: Beat Eisele

Body:  today’s a good day to start having a more positive body image – don’t beat yourself up about the unhealthy food and empty calories you’ve been consuming.  That’s history.  Start this day treating your body with love and care: daily affirmations of appreciation for who you are, how you nourish your health in positive ways, and what you accomplish can move you to make changes when you feel good about yourself.  The key is to focus on health, NOT weight.  Start out by adding a healthy snack or meal to your day; look into the benefits of “juicing”; find a  physical activity that you always wanted to try whether it’s a class, a DVD , or buying a mountain bike;  and don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the moments.


photo source: Kim Seng

Success: wake up 30 minutes earlier and write down your intentions – Going to bed a bit earlier and rising a bit earlier every day will not only give you more time to be productive in the morning, it could prevent you from becoming a night owl. I’m not sure about you, but I can’t work late at night after a 12 hour day – I need my sleep! Also writing down your intentions / goals / wishes for the day will put you in the proper mindset to hustle and work on your priorities first. 

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