5 Ways to Be Balanced Today


1 Food: Try making your own vegan ice cream. We love this recipe on Balanced Babe. All you need to do is freeze fruit like bananas, peaches, or mangoes; blend it with almond milk, and add any flavors you are craving like chocolate, peanut butter or honey. This will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth, and is a definite way to be balanced!

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2  Beauty: Start your morning with a facial massage. Using your facial cleanser in the morning, lather your face and start massaging your lymph area under your chin in circular motions. Make your way up to your face and massage in circular motions along your jaw, up your cheeks, and along your nose. Lightly tap under and above your eyes to loosen fluid buildup, then finish with your morning cleanse! We used CLn SportWash in our morning massage and think it works great!

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3 Home: Decorate with plants. In Feng Shui, plants promote creativity and purity, they even cleanse the air! Plants add a wonderful touch to a living space, especially if you live in an urban area where you are not around nature daily. 


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4 Mind: Daydream for 5 minutes a day. You can do this after work, before work, before bed, or at any time of the day that you are feeling a bit frazzled. Daydreaming for just 5 minutes can help settle anxiety and could even possibility prevent depression. All you need to do is chill out for 5 minutes and reflect on accomplishments, goals, or an event in your life that brings peace of mind.

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5 Body: Try out body brushing. We sat down to interview Monica Yearwood of Hamsa Ayurveda last week, and she explained the benefits of body brushing and how it can improve our circulation and help us when we are cleansing. We also wrote a guide on body brushing last year that you can find here! 


Bonus: If you are a beauty junkie like we are, then you have to know more about CLn SportWash. This facial cleanser is ideal for those with blemish/eczema prone or if you have itchy skin. I used it when I was going through a week of stress break outs, and in combination of this wash with my other topical treatments, I personally noticed a difference. CLn is giving away 1 wash to a lucky reader, so enter below! Rules are in the raffle-copter widget (18+ , US only, no P.O box).

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03 comments on “5 Ways to Be Balanced Today

  • Anna S. , Direct link to comment
    Love these ideas. I am drinking tons of tea (black, green, herbal) and trying to be more mind full of what I'm eating and how it impacts how my body feels :)
  • Angie Jerde , Direct link to comment
    I am trying to eat a healthy/balanced diet and working more on strength when exercising.
  • Lee McKeon , Direct link to comment
    I am balancing a 8 year old with lots of activities and planning healthy cooking!

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