A Day at Hamsa Ayurveda & Yoga


The first treatment I received was called Abhyanga. I rested on a wooden table made of poplar wood called a droni. In the Ayurvedic practice, laying on wood native to your environment enhances the healing process of the treatments. At first, I thought it would be uncomfortable, but a few moments in to the treatment I felt as if I was soaking into the table – it was divine!

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  • Leah , Direct link to comment
    This is a great article and I love the corresponding pictures. I have been researching Ayurveda for the past year and I have heard of these centers. I am going to look for one in my local area. A friend of mine actually went to such a center in India and had a similar experience. She was asked to strip down fully and they even bathed her. I don't know if I would be so daring!
    • Sarah Baker , Direct link to comment
      All of these Ayurvedic experiences are truly incredible! I love them so much!

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