Balance Your Style with Christine of View From 5 Ft 2



BB: What is your favorite thing about being a blogger?

Getting to meet other people and the possibility of opportunities that you didn’t know existed!


BB: What are some obstacles that you have come across owning your own blog?

It can be challenging because it’s a full time second job. Having a work life balance is already difficult and then throw managing a blog, editorial content, e-mails and social events. It’s tough work!


BB: How has this summer been a great one so far?

I’m really excited that I  had the opportunity to co-host a Spring Fashion Show with Anthropologie last month! It was  really a  “pinch me” collaboration and I’m so thrilled they asked me to be a part of the event. Other than that, I have some exciting collaborations with jewelry and handbag lines and some spring and summer styling that will be on my blog!

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