Chicago Wellness Workshops: March News & Announcements

This month’s Chicago wellness workshops are for experienced and new yogi’s, DIY beauty fans and those looking to detach from technology for an entire weekend.

chicago wellness workshops

I can feel it lately, the turnover of seasons and the renewing energy of spring. It’s infusing everyone in Chicago with stimulated energy. Providing them with a sense of  yearning to emerge from their winter shells for new experiences. I personally love the months of March and April as it’s a time when our readers and friends are looking for something new. 

I love setting new intentions for spring and especially transitioning my diet from warm heavy foods to light crisp dishes. Taking the time to clear out the clutter in my home and make way for only the select few items I need. I love taking advantage of springtime energy by deep cleaning my home, my physicality, my mind, and soul.

I’m also setting new goals for and new Chicago wellness workshops for our readership. This month I’m working on a few classes to help our community reset their own mind body and soul. From botanical body butter classes, to digital detoxes, we’ve got a lot of really fun intimate community events coming up that I’d love to share with my babes! 

Chicago Wellness Workshops

chicago wellness workshops

March 19th: Yoga + Botanical Body Butters at Yoga Six South Loop

Take one hour of gentle flow yoga to awaken your being and start your weekend off on the right foot! After we enjoy this yoga class for all levels, I’ll be showing you how to create your own botanical body butter. I’m bringing in some cool medicinal oils to speak about their benefits, and how you can incorporate specific essential oils and plants for springtime cleansing. You’ll be taking home your own hydrating body butters infused with special ingredients, too! Class is from 1-3pm on Saturday, March 19th and you can register here. There are only 8 spots left. 

chicago wellness workshops

March 23rd: Macy’s Flower Show Herbal Tincture Workshop

There are so many beautiful natural ingredients in this world that we can grow at home and use for many different purposes. At this complimentary workshop that is taking place at the Macy’s Flower show at the State Street location, we’ll be playing with all sort of herbs, roots and plants. Join me for a seminar that highlights specific herbs and natural ingredients that supports our seasonal health and how you can create your own tinctures to use for various purposes. The workshop starts at 12pm and you can learn more about the various classes taking place here!

behealthful retreat chicago

April 1-3rd: BeHealthful LUXE Retreat at Four Seasons Hotel Chicago

I’ve mentioned this before, but for those of you that are new to Balanced Babe I’m especially excited to share this special weekend with you. The first weekend of April is our LUXE retreat installment of our BeHealthful series at Four Seasons Hotel. This weekend retreat is for the purpose of assisting you with mind/body cleansing, but not deprivation. Yes we are putting away our technology for two days, yes we are immersing ourselves in 17 workshops and classes throughout the weekend, and yes there will be amazing food for all crafted by Four Seasons Chefs. So much goodness packed in one weekend. There are day and two day passes for grabs here, and VIP overnight packages here. Also, I’m including a 21 day mind/body cleanse program for our VIP package pass holders which is pretty cool! We are only hosting a very small group of guests so that each and every one of you has your own space to reflect, grow, and create new beginnings. 

wellness entrepreneurship resources

Wellness Insiders TV: Last but not least, I’ve started a new media project and have partnered up with the team at Mabbly and Advisor TV to bring wellness entrepreneurs and small business owners insider tips and tools. Introducing, Wellness Insiders TV. This new series is streaming on Apple TV and can be viewed online on Advisor.TV (and of course on Balanced Babe). Each episode will feature business owners all within the health and wellness space and how they grew from idea to business, and what life is like as a wellness entrepreneur. There are valuable ideas and guidance on various topics from marketing your brand, to launching, attaining business loans, and the logistics behind creating your own company. 

Our first guest is one gal that I seriously have a girl crush on, Anne Owen of Owen & Alchemy. She shares what it took to open their store front, what strategy they used to grow their brand in it’s initial phases and more. The short and sweet version can be found here, and I’ll be posting the longer version that’s packed with even more insights soon! 

So there you have it! We are also looking for established wellness business owners in Chicago for future recordings, so if you know someone that has a thriving business and valuable advice to share, pitch them to me at:

If you want us to work on an in-person workshop or virtual class for the coming months, give us a holler in the comments so we can tailor our programs for you. Happy Spring!

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  • Martha W. , Direct link to comment
    Love your energy and your blog! I came to your first retreat and it was awesome. Wasn't able to make the 2nd one. You come up with great names like balanced babe, behealthful retreat, and now wellness insiders. On your new TV insiders, I'm wondering if there are entrepreneurs to interview on pet wellness?
    • Sarah Baker , Direct link to comment
      Hi Martha! Thank you for the kind words! I will definitely be on the look out for pet wellness experts :-)

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