Hollywood On Halsted: Celebrity Procedures That I Received .. And It Includes Eyebrow Tattoos AKA Eyebrow Embroidery.


Everyone, form a line! Hollywood is coming to Halsted. Well – not literally, but the team at Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique are working their magic and providing top treatments for their guests. Treatments that are currently being obsessed over by celebrities.

Lucky for me, I’m the first to try out one of their newest services and boy do I have a story to share with you! 

I’ve collaborated with Leah many times in the past. I did a recent article on how to prep your skin for a big night out where Leah shares her expert tips. Also coming down the pipeline is a lymphatic drainage tutorial on Be Balanced TV! 

I think it’s safe to say that not only is Leah a gal I simply enjoy being around (she has amazing energy and sky-high vibes), she is one of my favorite skin experts in Chicago. 

Anyway, I recently paid a visit to Leah Chavie Skincare to try some of their latest new services and here is what I received.

red light therapy
Source: omnilux

First up, Omnilux Red Light LED Therapy:

This is a quick, 16 minute service that I highly recommend especially during the winter here in Chicago. This light therapy treatment not only helps tighten pores, diminish fine lines, and helps clear up acne scars and discoloration, it also can boost your mood. This is a treatment that you can get the day before a big event like a wedding or fundraiser. Seriously, your skin will thank you.

What did my skin look like just a day after this service? Basically pore-less, glowing, even toned, and luminous. This red light stimulates collagen and  the body’s anti-inflammatory properties. I asked Leah and she informed me that you could get this treatment as frequently as you desire – so you will probably see me there every day now. 

source: mvclasermedspa.com

Next up, Dermaplaning:

Dermaplaning is a safe and quick procedure that gives your skin a beautiful exfoliation. This procedure also rids our face of peach fuzz (heck yes!). Dermaplaning also allows products to penetrate deeply into your skin for optimal absorption. It is essentially a razor but when used with a soft touch it whisks away dead skin cells. 

Lately when I get stressed out I get crazy blemishes and bumpy skin. After this dermaplaning session my skin felt noticeably smoother and get this, it helps bring blemishes to the surface for extractions. If you know me, you know I am CRAZY about extractions. I’m sitting here writing this a week later and my skin still feels smoother than pre-session. Leah recommends getting this done once a month.


Don’t be frightened by this one, Stem Cell Therapy:

Before I go into this one, I want to make it clear where and how these stem cells make their way to our faces. These stem cells come from organically raised and mindfully taken care for cow’s embryonic fluid in a cruelty-free procedure. This article goes into detail how it is performed and it’s compared to human amniocentesis; where your doctor draws a small amount of embryonic fluid to analyze to ensure your baby’s health. No cows are harmed in this process! 

DNA Cryostem Therapy is a treatment that is loved by many celebrities such as: Louise Roe, Courtney Cox, Michelle Rodriguez and more. The benefits of Cryostem Therapy include: diminishes fine lines and pores, balanced skin tone, firms and tightens skin’s elasticity, and boosts a youthful glow. 

Leah likes applying this formula on your skin at the end of your treatment and asks that you don’t wash your face for at least 24 hours to really let it all penetrate and soak in. My skin literally felt and looked awesome after this and I had people asking me why my skin looked so fab (thanks Leah).

eyebrow embroidery

Now the NEWEST service at LCS that I’m the first in media to experience: Eyebrow Embroidery!

My family and closest friends know that I always have to fill in my eyebrows. I’ve had estheticians tell me throughout my adult life that my eyebrows aren’t as long as they should be (that my ends taper off). So, I never leave the house without filling in my eyebrows. Ladies lets face it, our eyebrows shape our face and can really alter our appearance. Well now after visiting Leah, I don’t have to fill in my eyebrows any more thanks to Eyebrow Embroidery! 

Eyebrow embroidery is an eyebrow filling technique process which is similar to those crazy Japanese tattoos. Is this an eyebrow tattoo you ask?! Well – kind of, but it is semi-permanent (meaning it can last for a couple of years depending on how rigorous you are with washing your eyebrow area). So yea – I pretty much got my eyebrows tattooed, but I LOVE it! 

The semi permanent pigment is pushed into your skin with a little razor by using small whisk like strokes. Literally creating little hairs on eyebrows where there is no hair. The end result is natural and looks like I simply have more eyebrow hair. There is no downtime needed after this and a tattoo gun isn’t used. Leah does this by hand and the end results are full and natural looking eyebrows. Seriously, take a look for yourself. The below photo is of my eyebrows and I didn’t have to fill anything in. HOLLERRR! 


I may have a high tolerance for pain, but this procedure didn’t really hurt. Yes a razor is cutting into your eyebrows and you’re  getting a different method of “tattoo”, but it just feels like an annoying scratch. It takes about 30 minutes to do and Leah fills in your eyebrow with pencil before to show you where she will apply the embroidery, so you know what’s up the whole time. 

So, if you have wispy little eyebrows that need a bold enhancement, make an appointment at Leah Chavie Skincare. Leah also informed me that this could be a great procedure for someone going through chemo and losing hair.

So, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Leah is offering a 30% discount to all of our Balanced Babe readers to get this done. The price for eyebrow embroidery is $500 and includes a complimentary touch up a couple weeks post-procedure. By making an appointment and mentioning Balanced Babe when you phone in or schedule, it will reduce the total price to $350. I think for something that will last you for years, it’s definitely worth it!! 

Phew that was a lot of good stuff. You can find all of Leah’s services on their website and she even has her own line of awesome products. I’m currently using her new spot treatment for blemishes and the #1 thing I like about it is that I feel the product working. If you are a spot treatment gal you know what I’m talking about. 

Now, go get pampered! 


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