I’m a Balanced Babe and .. I’m a Juicing Expert


Hi Balanced Babes! My name is Cassie, and I’m Director of Operations for Juice Rx Juices and Cleanses. I’m a health and wellness enthusiast with a passion for helping people live more inspired, vibrant lives. I believe in green juice, fresh air, yoga, and above all, finding a life with purpose. My own journey of healing my body through whole food nutrition, yoga, self compassion, and pursuing what I love in life led me to Juice Rx and communities just like this one.


BB: Fill us in on Juice RX, and your duties that come with being Director Of Operations.

     Juice Rx is an amazing company where we make 100% raw, organic, fresh pressed juices, superfood elixir shots, and raw foods. I came here because of my interest in the raw vegan lifestyle and juicing, and stayed because I fell in love with the company. As Director of Operations I wear many hats. From communicating with customers to managing our kitchen where we juice and overseeing our wonderful team of employees I’m involved in a bit of everything. As a filmmaker and writer I’m also creating videos, writing blogs, and managing social media. And perhaps one of my favorite jobs is getting in the kitchen and creating new recipes for all of you to try! I’m always thinking about what I would want for my own health and how to bring that to all of our customers.


BB: What are your thoughts on prolonged detoxes and cleanses like the master cleanse? Do you believe those are safe?

   This is a great question. I think it’s important to choose a type of cleansing that is appropriate to your body, health, and lifestyle. A prolonged detox or cleanse might not be the best thing for you if you’re new to cleansing, have a very active, busy lifestyle, or have a difficult time fasting. The master cleanse- lemon water with cayenne and maple syrup- is essentially a fast with added sugar from the maple syrup. I find it to spike my blood sugar and cravings with little nutritional benefit in return. While fasting is a very intense form of detoxification, I look for an option that will provide maximum support for the body.

      Juicing, with raw, organic, unprocessed and unpasteurized juice has been the most powerful option I’ve found. When you consume raw, organic, fresh pressed juice you are providing your cells with a flood of nutrition. All the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals from pounds of fresh produce are delivered straight to your system with no digestion needed. This provides for a powerful detoxification of the body. When you allow the digestive system to rest, the body can divert all the energy that would be needed to break down food to healing, cleansing, and rejuvenating from within. In particular I love green juices for their alkalizing effect on the body.

     A long juice cleanse, say 7 or more days, really works best when you have time to rest and retreat a bit from the world. A shorter cleanse is a great option to incorporate into your busy life for some added glow and energy. You can also cleanse by drinking blended smoothies made with fresh fruits and vegetables or by eating a diet of fresh, raw foods. Both of these options provide a gentler detoxification ideal for a really active lifestyle. 

     There are many factors that can determine what level of cleansing is appropriate for you. I believe if you tune in to your body and what it needs you will know what is right for you!


 BB: What juice cleanse do you follow and works for you? Does Juice RX cater to this specific cleanse?

      I am a green juice girl. I think it’s so important to alkalize our bodies since so much of the standard American diet is acidic, and an acidic body can lead to inflammation and disease. Even stress is acidic in the body! And who doesn’t have some form of stress in her life? I love having a green juice almost every morning as part of my healthy lifestyle. At Juice Rx we offer three levels of cleanses- regular, green, and extreme green. I usually choose our green or extreme green option. It’s definitely something to work up to as your taste buds change, but I actually love the flavor of our greenest juices now! If I feel like I need a little more grounding, like in the fall and winter, I’ll choose a cleanse with a nut milk. In the summer and spring it’s all green juices for me, since my body feels lighter and happier that way.


 BBWhat are some tidbits about juicing that new and avid juicers might not know?

      Drink plenty of water when you juice cleanse! The more you hydrate the more you help flush those toxins out of your body. You can add a little lemon or lime to your water for extra alkalizing. Herbals teas are also a great addition, just avoid any caffeine.

      I also highly recommend moving your body in some way. Rebounding is fantastic as it moves the lymph system and helps detoxify the body. And jumping on a trampoline make me feel like a kid again! Yoga is also my go-to for calming my mind and body. Choose a practice that feels good to you, and gift yourself some time on the mat. I promise you won’t regret it. 


BB: As a career woman, do you have any trouble trying to balance your career and personal life?

      Life has a tendency to throw the unexpected at you, and I have my crazy days just like everyone else. What I’ve found is that the more compassion I have for myself the better I feel. What do I do when I can tell I’m way out of balance? First I just notice it! That’s always the turning point for change. And then I smile, forgive myself, and begin taking small steps to find my way back. Self love really is the center of everything.   

 BBWhat is the key to attaining a successful career?

       Do what you love. I truly believe in the power of pursuing the dreams in your heart. If you’re willing to be really honest with yourself about what you want in life, and then go out into the world and take courageous action towards that dream, things happen that never could have otherwise. I believe every single one of us has a gift to offer this world, and it’s so desperately needed right now. Find what you love, follow where it leads, and be prepared for the unexpected. Sometimes life has greater things in store than you even imagined for yourself.


 BB: How do you maintain the Balanced Babe lifestyle?

       I try to love myself in everything I do. That mean’s eating the foods my body needs, practicing yoga, dancing when I feel down or stressed, and working at a job I love. It’s really the small things that bring balance and joy to my life. A 5 minute morning meditation or walk in the woods, coffee with a friend, laughing with my sister. And understanding that balance sometimes mean being out of balance so your life can expand and lead you in a new direction.


 BB: What are your quick tips for staying fit? 

     I’m in love with my yoga practice- vinyasa, kundalini, ashtanga, I love it all! I haven’t found any form of movement that brings me so much peace as well as inner and outer strength and flexibility. And I also try to do some kind of weight training throughout the week, outdoors whenever I can. Even just 20 minutes here and there makes such a difference in my energy level. 


BB: What does a typical meal plan look like for you?

     Lots of lemon water first thing in the morning followed by tea and a green juice or my occasional cup of coffee with almond milk. Then I’ll usually have a green smoothie or oatmeal for breakfast. In the fall I love warming soup and a fresh salad for lunch. Dinner is some kind of cooked vegetables, maybe a stir-fry with brown rice, a quinoa bowl, or coconut curry veggie mix. I eat a gluten-free vegan diet since I find my body feels best that way. And some dark chocolate covered ginger is my favorite treat! 

BB: What new and exciting projects can we expect to see from Juice RX in the near future?

     There’s lots of exciting things coming! We’re just finishing up some new almond milk drinks with a coffee, matcha green tea, and chai twist coming out this holiday season. Also keep on the lookout for more raw food breakfast options and some out-of-this-world smoothies. We’re always creating, so let us know what you like!

A note from Sarah:
I had the pleasure of trying out a whole day’s worth of Juice RX juices for a one day mini cleanse, and I fell in love with their delicious juices and  completely raw meals! My favorite juice was the pumpkin spice ( of course ) it had nut milk and so many warming flavours that I enjoyed it as a dessert. 
My favorite meal that they sent me was their raw portobello steaks. I honestly have not had portobello mushrooms that were marinated this well. The sauce was on point and I felt so satisfied after enjoying this for lunch!
I also went completely wild over this raw peanut butter dessert. It was extremely rich – yet I still ate it in one sitting. A blend of sea salt, peanut butter, and all sorts of other superfoods made this one healthy dessert. Everything that Juice RX sent me I greatly enjoyed, and I know who I will be going to next time I want to have a juice cleanse delivered to my door! Our readers can also receive a 15% discount on their order with the coupon code: BalancedBabe . Happy cleansing!

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