Inside The Life of a Professional Ballerina: Abigail Simon

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  BB:  What are you currently loving the most about your life as a professional ballet dancer?

I’m so honored to be this year’s Capezio Ambassador, which includes a sponsorship. I’m in all the big ads, I finished a show in NYC and  performed my dream role recently: Romeo and Juliet the balcony scene/Le corsair pas for a gala in Vienna Austria earlier this month. After that, I have bookings in Chicago,Washington DC, California and a few other things in the works 😉 You can always see what I’m up to via my website or find me on Facebook!

Ill continue to coach my private students and tech group classes here and there in Chicago/New York which I love! It’s so great to be able to share with you what I’ve learned throughout my career and it also brings a greater awareness to my own dancing and musicality.

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