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Hi Balanced Babes! My name is Kathryn Budig. I travel the world teaching yoga and online regularly at yogaglo.com. I’m in the middle of writing my second book (my first is The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga) called Aim True. I regularly share delicious and healthy recipes and am a regular contributor to Women’s Health, Yoga Journal and MindBodyGreen.com. Aim True is my life motto—it’s my ability to pursue what makes my heartbeat everyday regardless of the expectations of others, to use my talents, drop my fears and in doing so, always hit my mark.
 Photo Source: Jasper Johal

BB: How long have you been practicing yoga, and what inspired you to take it on as a career?

I started practicing as a teenager and decided I wanted to take teacher training after several years of an ashtanga practice in college. I took the training thinking I’d teach yoga on the side (I wanted to pursue my acting career at the time), but soon realized I didn’t enjoy Hollywood but I adored yoga. A new career was born.
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BB: What are the benefits of Yoga that some of us might not know?

The list of benefits are endless, but I find it to be the best way to bring balance into your life. I know many people start yoga because they want to be in shape, but beyond that it combats the daily toils of life. It offers stability, release and a renewed perspective at life and what we view as problems. It’s a gorgeous buddy who wants you to feel your best.

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BB: Are there certain poses for specific needs? 

Without a doubt! Inversions are an amazing way to increase energy, meditation, breath work and forward folds help to lower anxiety and twists are fantastic for digestion. I cover many of these subjects ranging from physical to emotional issues in my first book.

BB: What strategies did you use to become a contributor to great outlets such as Women’s Health, Yoga Journal and MindBodyGreen?

It’s been a long road full of hard work. I first submitted my application to model for Yoga Journal back in the day. We had such a good shoot that I was asked back to model for one of their DVDs and the flood gates opened from there.  MindBodyGreen interviewed me and soon after asked me to contribute, while one of my clients introduced me to the Editor-in-Cheif of Women’s Health Magazine and next thing you know I’m their yoga contributor. 

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BB: Tell us about Poses for Paws?

My soft spot is for dogs. It breaks my hearts when I see them being mistreated, so I co-founded the project as a simple way to make money for animals in need. I hold events, retreats and offer products that all give back to Poses for Paws. I then choose a charity or organization that I admire and donate all of the proceeds to them. I also help sponsor teachers around the world who want to hold their own Poses for Paws events with half of it going to their chosen organization and the rest going to whoever we currently support.

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BB: How do you live the Balanced Babe Lifestyle?

I work hard, but I dedicate myself to my family when I’m home. I negotiate times for book writing and the daily grind, but then make sure I have time to go to the beach with my fiancé or friends, play with my dogs and always cook at night. I also plan on scaling way back on my travel for next year. I’ll be married in less than a month, and would like to enjoy this part of my life.

BB: Do you have any go-to holistic beauty or health remedies?

I adore apple cider vinegar to balance my pH levels. I take a swig everyday and also use it to clean my face. I can’t leave home without my essential oils. Peppermint, germanium, lavender and a few Doterra blends are my go-to’s. I also do regular epsom salt soaks to help my tired muscles and magnesium absorption. 
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BB: What healthy snacks do you pack on the go?

I normally cook the night before I travel. I’ll bring a bowl of quinoa, grilled veggies, or even a yummy sandwich. I always bring my essential greens and protein powder with my travel shaker, and will even pack a mini-blender if I’m going to be gone for a while. 

Photo Source: Jasper Johal

BB: What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

My new book, Aim True, releases end of 2015. It’s full of my aim true philosophy, yoga, meditation, a purification process, tons of delicious recipes and ample lifestyle tips. I just resigned with Under Armour and am excited about the inspirational content we’ll create together. You can expect plenty of new content on Yogaglo, and a few things that I’ll keep up my sleeve for now:)

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