I’m a Balanced Babe and .. I’m an Editorial Stylist for The Wedding Industry: Louise Beukes

 louise beukes

This Week’s Balanced Babe and Founder/Editor of B.LOVED

Collaboration, nurturing talent, and teamwork is the key!  Louise Beukes has a great group of core feature writers, and a contributing network of talented professionals who share inspiration, advice and production on B.LOVED, her very successful wedding and lifestyle blog in the UK.  This success, in turn, led to the launching of an editorial and styling design company which showcases her creativity and eye for detail:  Louise Beukes Styling.

louise beukes

BB:  You left the corporate world to  “indulge and share your passions”.  Did you have an aha moment or was there another catalyst for your creating the wedding + lifestyle blog B.LOVED.

After 10 years in the corporate design sector I started to get frustrated with the lack of creative freedom in my role (designing office spaces for businesses mainly in the financial sector).  Around the same time, blogs had started taking off in the UK in a big way, and I started reading more and more to inspire all aspects of my life!  I first started blogging as a hobby and way to indulge my creative side.  I quickly discovered a huge network of inspirational business women, particularly in the wedding industry, who showed me that there was another way.  Once I realised that, B.LOVED took off in a big way!  After a couple of years building the brand, I quit my day job to focus on B.LOVED full time.  It’s been tough but I can finally say I’m getting where I want to be – although there’s always a new challenge around the corner!  I definitely have the best job ever!

 louise beukes

BB:  Three years later, you launched Louise Beukes Styling.  As an entrepreneur what have you done that has been very effective in helping to grow the business?

I launched Louise Beukes Styling to help brands who I loved, but didn’t quite have the right imagery to attract the right clients.  I’m all about beautifully styled images!  At the time there was no one else out there who was offering that service, and while I’m glad to say there are a few more editorial stylists popping up here in the UK, we’re still very much a niche.

I’ve been really fortunate to have made some great connections in the industry.  It’s such a friendly and supportive environment to work in.  I collaborate with others on a regular basis, creating styled editorial shoots which showcase my styling work, and have secured features in some of the top bridal publications in the UK, US, Europe & beyond!  This has been instrumental to growing the business, not just in promoting what I do, but ensuring that my work is seen as trend-setting and aspirational.

louise beukes

BB:  How do you stay motivated to keep moving forward after an obstacle or setback?

Motivation isn’t something I struggle with a lot, I try to view every obstacle as a lesson, and as long as I learn from it then it’s a positive experience!  I’m grateful to have an amazing support network, so when I’m really struggling with a problem or just need to vent I can call on someone to talk through it with.  We always find a solution (especially when there’s tea & cake involved!)

louise beukes

BB:  Outside of your work, can you tell us about a hobby or interest you have that you feel contributes to your health and wellness?   

I love to bake! I find it really therapeutic, especially when it turns out as planned.  It has to be said I make a mean carrot cake and my brownies are somewhat infamous! Of course the best bit (second only to eating it!) is adding some pretty decoration – and a lovely cake stand!  I also enjoy cooking, and am addicted to cooking shows – Masterchef and The Great British Bake Off are particular faves!

louise beukes

BB:  How do you maintain your energy level with such a busy schedule? 

Part of the reason I quit my corporate life was to get a healthier lifestyle. I just seemed to be getting ill all the time and realised I was stretching myself too thin, late nights, early mornings and weekends too. I never took a day off!  Now I work from home and am in control of my schedule I make sure I take a proper ‘weekend’ even if it’s two separate days off mid-week, and plan time to relax and enjoy time with friends.  I do 30 minutes of yoga most evenings just to chill out and switch my brain off, otherwise my brain tends to go into overdrive as soon as my head hits the pillow!  I keep a healthy diet most of the time, which can be difficult when I have meetings – they tend to involve some kind of meal or cake! Next year I’m planning to get a dog, which will force me to get out at least once a day for a walk, come rain or shine – I can’t wait!

louise beukes

BB:  Any new projects or ventures in the near future that you’d like to share with us?

There’s lots coming up for later this year and into 2016 – most excitingly I’m planning some new styling workshops for photographers which will launch this Winter!  I’m really passionate about growing and developing the wonderful talent that exists here in the UK, and this is just one of the ways I am able to nurture that.  The plan is to grow this side of the business even further in 2016 – so keep an eye out for news!

(photo sources: All photos are from LouiseBeukes.com + Louise’s Instagram + B.Loved)


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