Gluten Free Summer Side Dish Recipe: Cannellini Bean Bowl

This gluten free and high antioxidant cannellini bean bowl can be enjoyed by itself of prepared as a side dish during your healthy summer cookouts!


 Looking for a nutrient dense recipe that fills you up, keeps you full, is packed with antioxidants and also has one of the best beans for a low glyemic diet?

Then make this Cannellini Bean Bowl recipe for your next Summer cookout! 

I love using beans in my diet in lieu of animal proteins because they provide a punch of fiber, protein, and other great belly fat blasting properties. 

Highlighting the cannellini bean today, this bean is one of the least glycemic  in the bean family which is great if you are looking to maintain a low glycemic diet due to insulin resistance and sugar cravings. 

To break it down, here are some other benefits of cannellini beans:

– provides copper which is great for fighting wrinkles and keeping skin youthful

– rich in dietary fiber to help your body mooooove things along

– contains folic acid which is beneficial for heart health and for women who are pregnant

– contains  molybdenum which is a trace mineral that promotes detoxification from processed foods

To give even more of a super food factor to this recipe, I’ve paired it with quinoa to add more substance and to make this dish a complete protein. 


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