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There’s been some buzz about a natural ingredient used in beauty products, home goods, and even for baking, and that ingredient is beeswax. I already love raw organic honey and its medicinal purposes, so now I’m excited to find some great ways to use beeswax as well! 

I spoke about some fun DIY ways to use beeswax on WCIU You & Me This Morning, and you can see the segment below:


Natural uses for Beeswax:

  • For baking: coat your pan with beeswax when baking goods. It works just like butter!
  • For sewing: coat your thread with beeswax by running it along a beeswax brick for easy sewing.
  • For home projects: coat nails and screws with beeswax for easy DIY projects.
  • For ambiance: find a beeswax candle to add some romance for your Valentine’s Day plans. Beeswax candles don’t give off toxic flames and they don’t drip!
  • For beauty: use beeswax in your beauty remedies to prevent stretch marks and keep skin silky smooth


One product that I talked about that contains beeswax is BeeSpa.com hand cream. This hand and foot cream is  natural and enriched with beeswax, essential oils, and Shea butter. I’ve been using this cream for the past week and have experienced super silky and smooth hands! I’m also a gal that washes her hands minimum 10 times a day, so this cream is ideal for someone like me.

And since it’s win it Wednesday, we are giving away one jar of Beespa!! You know the drill, terms and conditions are in the raffle-copter. Good luck! 

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