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14 Natural Morning Sickness Cures You’ll Love

Morning sickness, it’s the one symptom that most of pregnant women dread when they find out they’re expecting. But the good news is that there are natural morning sickness cures that you can incorporate into your routine to help combat feeling nauseous. Morning sickness is so extremely common in the first trimester, that between 50 …

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4th of July Entertaining: Balanced Babe style

Happy 4th of July week! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday (and hopefully a long weekend to boot) filled with memories and time with friends and family, and moments of mindfulness to show gratitude for our freedom. This week, my fiance and I are celebrating our anniversary (and third trimester of pregnancy – eee!) …

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Balanced Baby: How To Deal With Pregnancy Cravings

I remember the first two months of pregnancy, all I wanted was CARBS. And I don’t mean quinoa and sweet potato, I mean plain white bagels with cream cheese or a literal entire box of crackers. Yup, that was my diet the first two months of pregnancy. Was I afraid that I wasn’t getting enough …

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7 Summer Solstice Holistic Rituals You Can Do Today

The summer solstice is here! If you follow along on my Instagram, you may notice that I’m sharing more about moon cycles, astrology, and energetic/manifestation goodness. I am fascinated by how we are intertwined with the universe and solar system energetically and how the various seasons, energetic shifts, and nature plays a part in how …

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How To Deal With Changing Your Workout Routine While Pregnant and My Favorite Pre-Natal Workout!

Since I became pregnant my entire fitness routine went out the window. I used to do Barry’s 3x a week, 3 mile jogs daily, and weight lifting/HIIT exercises regularly. I’d sweat in hot yoga sessions and even do heated weightlifting boot camp classes. Needless to say, my workouts were intense! Once I became pregnant though, …

Balanced Baby - Pregnancy, Nutrition, Pregnancy Resources

Want To Have a Healthy Pregnancy? Eat These Foods.

When it comes to growing a baby, there are certain nutrients that your body needs in larger quantities. You may have heard that a prenatal vitamin will cover your bases, however this isn’t exactly the best advice. A diet of real food provides you with nutrients in their most bioavailable forms and alongside a host …