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Why I’m Planning On Consuming My Placenta For Post-Partum Recovery

There are usually two types of reactions when I say “placenta consumption”. Either, “Oh mah gahh I’m doing it too”, or.. “What are you, a cannibal?!”. Placentophagy, as it is formally called, is pretty popular in natural communities and slowly gaining mainstream traction in the U.S.   Since I’m sitting here 38 weeks pregnant and …

probiotic skincare
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Why You Should Be Adding Probiotics To Your Skincare Routine

Many of us ensure that we are including probiotics in our diet in supplement or food form, but what about adding probiotics topically in our skincare routines as well? We know that probiotics offer vital bacteria that is good for our gut, mood and immune system, but the bacteria in probiotics is also an incredible …

what to eat for healthy hair growth
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Eat These Nutrients To Boost Hair Growth

One thing many women don’t realize when it comes to hair growth and helping keep hair healthy and strong is that nutrition and what you consume plays a HUGE role. When it comes to helping our hair grow long and stay strong, specific nutrients like amino acids, collagen, biotin, zinc and other vitamins and minerals …

split pea soup
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Beauty Benefits of Zinc + Weight Loss Warrior Split Pea Soup

My, how I love my soups. I’m starting to experiment with more and more these days and my current obsession is a creamy yet dairy free split pea soup. I had split pea soup many times growing up. The nostalgia of sitting in my parent’s kitchen slurping up this delicacy before I make my way …

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Hearty Greek Lemon Chicken Bowl

This healthy, protein packed Greek lemon chicken bowl is a super easy weeknight lunch or dinner to throw together and eat throughout the week. Packed with zesty Greek flavors, cucumbers, homemade tzatziki sauce and marinated chicken. It’s also the perfect way to use leftover cucumber! The past few weeks I’ve been feeling the effects of …

healthier snack options

Love Snacking? Here’s My Favorite Healthier Snack Options

With so many of us always being on the go or leading busy non stop lives, finding time to make meals can be tough. That’s where snacks come in. A good majority of us snack throughout the day in between meals, or eat smaller meals consistently throughout the day (commonly called grazers), but are our …

healthier summer entertaining recipes
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VIDEO: Healthier Summer Entertaining Recipes

Living a Balanced Babe lifestyle means that you don’t have to sacrifice flavors that you’re craving! By creating recipe swaps so that you can still enjoy mac and cheese (but in a healthier way), you can still feel like you’re eating whatever you’re tummy is guiding you towards. Although I’m a huge advocate for balancing …

natural remedies for pregnancy problems
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Natural Remedies For Pregnancy Skincare Problems

More often than not, we hear that pregnant women get a “healthy glow” while expecting: that their hair grows faster stronger and looks shinier, or that their skin clears up and holds onto a dewy lustful appearance. BUT not all mamas are blessed with the beauty upsides of pregnancy. Even if your skin obtains a …