Edible Jewelry: Pearl Powder And Its Beauty Boosting Benefits


Before I dive into this article, please refrain from grabbing your grandmother’s pearl necklace and pulverizing it in your food processor.  But I am indeed, talking about pearl powder. Yes — eating pearls, for beautiful skin.

I first noticed this special ingredient in a beauty supplement powder and wondered what the freak is this going to do when I ingest it?! So I naturally took to the internet to dive into some research, and now I’m sharing my findings with you because quite frankly, eating pearls sounds cray cray, and people like to read about weird sh*t like this.

Even though crushed pearl powder sounds like the latest and greatest superfood trend, it has actually been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine. So this isn’t some random ingredient that some marketer in the beauty industry decided to start touting as a beauty boosting superfood, its been there done that – but is now starting to grasp the attention of the New Age wellness culture. 

So feast your eyes on the latest beauty superfood, crushed pearls.

The Nutritional Profile Of Crushed Pearl

  • Each pearl can contain anywhere between 30-80 percent calcium
  • Other nutrients include: amino acids, magnesium, and many minerals that help keep our bones strong as we age

Potential Beauty Benefits Of Crushed Pearl

  • May even out skin tone by calming irritations and redness
  • May smooth and hydrate skin texture. Here’s a study that discusses how it moisturizes and fights free radicals, which is mentioned below:
  • Stimulates antioxidant activity in our skin that prevents age spots and wrinkles
  • Reduce and prevent hormonal breakouts
  • When applied externally it can act as a potent exfoliant by helping the skin get rid of dead skin cells

Other Potential Benefits

  • May have a calming effect and help lift your mood and spirit (some women say that they take it around their monthly shark week)
  • May assist with digestive issues because of the calcium content


How To Use Pearl Powder

As a face mask: You can make face masks using pearl powder, as your skin absorbs it. Many of it’s properties are focused on improved skin tone and texture, and as many of us know, our skin soaks up whatever is applied to it. Simply mix one teaspoon of pearl powder with a bit of extra virgin olive oil to make a paste, then you can massage it into your skin for between 10-15 minutes as an exfoliant and mask.

Add it to existing products: By finding pure pearl powder, you can add the powder directly to your moisturizers or masks instead of searching the web for products that already contain it. 

As an oil absorbing or finishing powder: If you can find the right brand of crushed pearl, you can use it as a finishing powder when you’re done with applying your makeup, or even as an oil absorbent. The powder is so fine that it does not leave a  chalky residue – I’ve used it as a compress powder when I feel like I’m experiencing a bit of extra shine on my face, and it’s worked for me. You also get the benefits of the powder absorbed into your skin as well.

As an additive to tea and smoothies: Simply add a teaspoon to your tea or smoothie to reap the benefits from the inside out. 

Below are two recommendations of brands to try. One is a pure crushed pearl capsule supplement – you can break open the capsules to add the powder to you beauty remedies and smoothies. The second brand is from Moon Juice – it’s a supplement powder that you can add to smoothies and has additional beauty boosting ingredients as well!

Dragon Herbs Pearl Powder Tonic — 500 mg – 100 Capsules

Moon Juice – Organic + Wildcrafted Ancient Empiric Formula (Beauty Dust, 1.5 oz)

If you want to learn even mooooore about pearl powder, I stumbled upon this in-depth article that includes a ton of studies and resources from around the world: 

Please take note: it can be very easy to ingest too much – so it’s imperative that you consult your Doctor before trying any new type of powder or supplement. These articles that highlight interesting herbs and ingredients are for entertainment and educational purposes, because there’s always interesting things to learn about how what we consume affects us. 

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  • ZPtech , Direct link to comment
    Minerals have been used today not just for health purposes but also in the beauty industry. It's a great and useful innovation in this kind of industry because it's helping a lot of individuals to stay beautiful and be confident about themselves.
  • reviewcart , Direct link to comment
    Pearl powder has been used for years. It has excellent properties and really can be used in a variety of ways. Facial mask, clay mask, used as a finishing powder, brightening powder for the face and you can even take it internally. I use this in facial mask and for the brightening effects. I just dust a little on my face and I'm good to go for the day. Thank you so much for the informative post.

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