Plant Based Guide to the Goddess and Grocer: Bucktown



We were lucky enough to be invited to check out the newest Goddess and Grocer location on  the most charming street of Bucktown. If you are familiar with The Goddess and Grocer, then you should know that they favor locally sourced products and sell everything from packaged goods, wine, and fresh salads and sandwiches for busy Chicagoans on the go.

Goddess’ Bucktown location is a whole new ball game. They boast a glorious upstairs dining and event space that is filled with natural light, good vibes, and a welcoming patio for these coming warm months. Their market place is stocked with all you can think of, beautifully packaged chocolates, local cheeses, sauces and jams, and meals on the go.

For guests who have some time to spare, Goddess offers a wide array of menu options, and a salad bar with all the healthy ingredients you can imagine.

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