Revamp Your Summer Diet With These Healthy Cooking Tips By Ryan Hutmacher


BB: How can we cut back on cooking time, while maintaining great flavor?

My approach is to keep it simple and focus on building your plate.  Start with a lean protein, a veggie and a starch (whole grain).  Focus on salt, pepper and the right amount of oil to be your guide. 

One way to cut down on time and stretch your budget is to reimagine your leftovers.  I often think “supper, salad, soup.”   For example, for supper tonight I’ll make a grilled pork chop with brown rice and grilled asparagus with a yogurt sauce.  Tomorrow, I may use some of those leftovers to create an amazing salad.  Chop up your leftover pork chop into small chunks and incorporate extra brown rice and asparagus to your salad.  Then use your yogurt sauce as a base for the dressing.  Just add lemon juice and a little light mayo to give it body.  For the third meal, add any extra pork chop and rice to chicken broth.  Add your favorite herbs and veggies lying around to build a simple yet filling and flavorful soup.

Any other tips or advice you would like to include, please do so here!

For more great tips and recipes from me and Weight Watchers, check out, along with the Weight Watchers Pinterest page.



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