Show Some Skin: Why We’re Crazy For Collagen


Collagen is among the most commonly itemized ingredients in skin care products, you might have come across it before, and it plays significant roles in giving structure to your skin and aiding the clotting of blood in the body. In contemporary times collagen has become popular as a nutritional supplement and an integral part of makeup, body creams and shampoos; it has loads of more benefits than you can think of.  Why are so many beauty gurus talking about collagen, and why is it popping up in beauty and skin care brands left and right?


What is collagen?


Collagen is one of the the most bountiful proteins in our body, it forms a great part of our skin, hair, and cells. In scientific terms it is a polypeptide:  a blend of amino acids like proline and glycine in all connective tissue inside the body. In basic terms, collagen is a substance that is secreted in the human body naturally. The problem arises though as collagen reduces as we age. When our collagen levels decrease, wrinkles become more visible, our skin thins, our hair can become brittle, AKA – we age. So as we age, it’s important to consume collagen from outside sources to ensure that we can keep a healthy appearance of our hair skin and nails as long as possible.


The Beauty Benefits Of Collagen

Collagen has many functions and uses for the human body as a whole, but its effect is most conspicuous on the skin. As we age, the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) weakens and loses elasticity in a process called Elastosis.  So when we have healthy levels of collagen in our bodies, the benefits are endless! Some of them include:

Reducing wrinkles and fine lines

The most visible result of aging and the natural deficit of collagen in the skin are the appearances of wrinkles and fine lines. A lot of outside  factors can also add to depleting collagen in the skin like exposure to UV rays, the consumption of alcohol, environmental toxins and much more. A major part of the skin is collagen and it is located in the dermis (the base of the skin) and it is responsible for keeping intact the elasticity of the skin. Topically, the use of Collagen Creams can help keep your skin firm and flexible.

Enhancing the tone and hydration levels of your skin

Flawless and even-toned skin makes women’s appearance seem younger which boosts confidence and mental well-being. Although due to our natural hormonal fluctuations, aging, and outside sources can cause our mission to having spotless skin an uphill battle. When we have enough collagen in our bodies it keeps our skin looking soft, moisturized and supple, leading to an even skin tone.

Treating scars

Nothing makes us feel worse than experiencing acne scars and sun spots. By ensuring that we have enough collagen in our system, we are helping our skin heal at a decent rate. 

So although we obviously cannot stop aging, the inclusion of collagen in our lives through the form of supplements, foods, or topical creams can help diminish the appearance of wrinkles, and keep our skin looking healthy, hydrated and glowing!


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