Simple Ways to Boost Energy


Exhausted by Friday?  If you want to rev up your energy level to enjoy the weekend and recharge your battery for the week ahead, then think about these ways to replenish your energy level and balance.

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It’s easy to reach for the “comfort” food (heavy carbs and excess sugar) and veg out on the couch, but those extra calories will sabotage your energy level and cause a blood sugar crash.  Insufficient protein can contribute to fatigue as well.  Stick with salmon and veggies (lean beef and chicken for non-vegetarians), take a break with green tea, snack on almonds, berries or dark chocolate and 
have a lunch salad with leafy greens, avocado and your favorite healthy dressing!
Any form of exercise contributes to energy levels.  Just a brisk ten minute walk can help. Or put on your favorite music and dance while doing housework! Yoga techniques will massage your organs, strengthen your muscles and increase your oxygen intake.  And while Meditation is not physical exercise, it is mental exercise to make us more aware and mindful and has been shown to reduce stress which depletes our energy.
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Get those zzzzzzs!  Here’s my recent post on what happens when we don’t get enough sleep.  If you’re having trouble falling asleep, then watch your caffeine levels.  I love coffee, but I avoid it in the late afternoon because it can stay in our system for up to six hours.
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Research has already proven that our happiness contributes to our overall health and wellness.  I think when we are engaged in life, in the “flow” with a project, working on our dreams and goals, finding joy and showing kindness, then it’s less likely that we will succumb to being overwhelmed and stressed.
Share with me the ways you naturally increase your energy?

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