Six Ingredient Veggie Burger



     Not only is this six ingredient veggie burger fulfilling, packed with fiber, and bursting with good for you nutrients, it is made with leftover juice pulp from your morning green juice! Yes, that is right, this is how you can recycle your juice pulp. 

     When I make cucumber, carrot, celery & kale juice, I save the pulp and use it in recipes like soups and bulky recipes like these.  Not only are you cleansing your cells in the morning with your green juice, you are eating the fiber and consuming the rest of the vitamins that are in the pulp.



I like using condiments like mustard or BBQ sauce to dip my veggie burger in, but you can experiment with various sauces that you like to pair with your veggie burgers. I sprinkled a bit vegan cheese on mine, but if you don’t want to eat processed cheese alternatives  you can go without, or you can use mozzarella cheese if you want the real deal.  You will also get a great amount of fiber from the beans, B vitamins and amino acids from the nutritional yeast, and a blend of vitamins and minerals from the leftover juice pulp. Not only will your tummy be full, you will also be boosting your health. Happy cooking!














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