Spring Break Skin Tips: Vacationing the Balanced Way


Many of you are already on Spring Break frolicking around a beach, and some are gearing up for a jet settin’ vacation in a few months. Either way, we know how dry and dull our skin can get while flying or being in new environments. So to solve this problem, I put together some tips for keeping our skin hydrated and supple while Spring Breakin’!! 



While flying:

Plane cabins re-circulate the air we breath while flying which causes our skin to get irritated, perk blemishes up, and can suck the hydration out of our faces leaving it dry if we have a predisposition to dryer skin, or oilier to compensate for the dry atmosphere. Here are some ways to nip this problem in the bud! 

– Hydrating mist: You can make your own with chamomile tea leaves and rose water, which both calms irritations, or you can search for travel sized skin sprays which can be found in a surplus of spas. I really enjoy using Eminence Organic skincare hydrating mist. 

– Go bare: Take your makeup off as you board with makeup wipes. I use Acure Unscented Argon Oil Wipes. Wearing makeup on a plane can dry out your skin even more and cause clogged pores which is no fun before a vacation! To take it a step further I apply a very thin layer of beauty balm on my face to lock in moisture. 


Before Your Trip:

If you want to get really bikini ready then it calls for a bit of prepping the week before your travels. I typically cut out alcohol the week before (because seriously, even a couple drinks a week can cause us to carry water weight). 

– Focus on hydrating foods: Foods like fruits and veggies have higher water content while carbs and animal proteins have lower water content. The more hydrated you can get before your trip, the less water weight you will hold on to while prancing around in your bikini, and the better your skin will look. I like making a simple cucumber salad with feta cheese, olive oil, balsamic dressing and oregano. I cut up a whole cucumber, blend the ingredients, and I’m set!

– Pack only your skin essentials: I pack only my face wash, moisturizer, night serum, shampoo/conditioner, eye cream and body oil. For makeup I only bring eyeliner, mascara, foundation, bronzer, lip gloss and one eye shadow. The simpler you pack, the less you have to keep track of. Your beauty routine and makeup routine should also be more laid back – remember, vacation is your time to take a break! 



 During Vacation:

 Obviously vacations call for splurging so don’t get all  down in the dumps if you have one too many  margaritas and wake up with dehydrated skin. The  more prepping you can do before your vacay, the  better it will help you during your trip. Here are  two simple vacation skin hacks to do while on your  trip:

 – Green tea bags: Ask the front desk at your hotel  to bring two green tea bags, steep them, let them  cool, then rest on your eyes for 10 minutes. Do this  the morning after your boozy night to help reduce  puffiness. The caffeine and antioxidants help with  this.

 – Find foundation with SPF: This way you wont  have to put on SPF, and then foundation. Two in one  products save time, money, and your skin from pre- aging! I like using Bare Minerals.





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