The Importance of Shopping Eco-Friendly Brands and How This Helps Our Environment:

Now more than ever people are becoming increasingly  conscious about what they are consuming not only in the form of what they eat, but what they spend their time doing, watching, and more importantly what they are buying. Eco-conscious products have been continually on the rise as more consumers are wanting to support the environment and local communities. 

When you shop eco-friendly products, you are giving back in so many ways that just don’t happen when you shop from big chain stores. Read on to learn about the importance of supporting eco-friendly brands, and to see one that we are currently supporting below!

The Importance of Supporting Eco-Friendly Brands

You help the environment thrive

Now more than ever there is an ever growing pile of waste filling our landfills, lakes and oceans, and bringing harm to our environment. Not only is recycling extremely important, it helps protect our planet for years to come from further environmental damage. Many products aren’t environmentally friendly given that a lot of packaging and materials aren’t biodegradable or recyclable. 

When you shop eco-friendly, sustainable products, you are buying products and packaging from brands that make it their top priority to use items and materials that are sourced responsibly and are good for the environment. Eco-friendly brands are also ideal for the environment as they do not create harmful chemicals during production, thus preventing pollution to the air and lowering the carbon footprint. 

You get to support local businesses that protect the well being of the community.

When you support local businesses, or small businesses in general, you are contributing to the well being of your local community and the health of other small communities throughout the world. 

You are more likely to get a product that lasts.

Many sustainable products and brands put a lot of thought, care and effort into every step of creating their vision, which leads to having a very high quality product. Many eco-friendly products are designed and constructed to last for quite a long time, versus mass manufactured items that usually need to be replaced in the short term.

They support your own well being.

Many sustainable products are made without harmful chemicals or toxins that prove to be better for your own health. By not exposing yourself to products that may have dangerous chemicals in them, you are doing yet one more thing to support your own well being. 

As you can see, there is nothing but upsides to shopping eco-friendly brands! They are less toxic, safer for the environment, helps support local economies, usually better quality and lasts longer, and helps support your own wellbeing too! 

A Sustainable Fashion Brand on Our Radar: LUNA Bags

LUNA Bags offers beautifully curated shoulder bags and backpacks that are crafted from organic and recycled materials. They are on a mission to create products that are completely environmentally friendly and free of animal cruelty. They pride themselves on being completely transparent, authentic and maintain the highest standards of the production process.

They focus on sustainability throughout every stage in their product’s life cycle and view this as their ultimate goal in their business journey. All of their products are a thoughtful combination of unique design elements that minimize the environmental footprint, focusing on unisex design and ensuring that they are not harming their animal friends through the production creation process.

As their tag line goes, “Be Who You Are”, they promote individuality and uniqueness for all human beings to embrace their truest selves, and to protect the world’s inhabitants. Their values: “We believe and accept the uniqueness of every human being for who they are. We believe that a self-aware and responsible human being is in the best position to take care of this planet and his/her/their surroundings”. LUNA prides itself on creating products that contribute to the greater good of the world, as well as boasting a collection that is vegan, sustainable and animal cruelty free. 

Their materials are composed of plant based and recycled items made of renewable resources such as algae and recycled plastic bottles. The algae is integrated into their product as algae based foam, and LUNA also includes plant based faux leather (up to 73%) in their bags as well. All of their items are made with safe water resistant finishing, are Prop-65 compliant safe and green finishing. so you won’t have to worry about staining your bag easily!

Their bag pictured here is the LUNA Convertible Bag, which can be worn as a mini backpack or a side shoulder bag. This bag gives you all the wonderful benefits of a backpack without being super bulky (it is quite compact and sleek), and it is of course made with organic, recycled plant-based materials. This bag also comes in Olive Green! You can also check out their Eco Backpack Bag as well!

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Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with LUNA Bags. All writings, opinions and photos are my own.

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