The Power Of Peppermint


 I’m always on the lookout for secrets to energize without overdosing on coffee when I’ve got lots to do. I happened to stumble upon the wonderful properties of peppermint oil. Now, there are lots of claims to be made so I am putting a few to the test.
Over the next few months I’m also going to post, and use various essential oils for different purposes. The one essential oil I have been using for years however, is peppermint oil.  It has personally helped me by turning a groggy mind into an alert one, suppresses sugar cravings, and more.
Before I go on and on with all the reasons I love peppermint essential oils, I will give a quick tip on how peppermint oil can improve mental alertness.
If you would like to read up on scientific studies of essential oils and it’s positive affects, here are some great references:
Peppermint Oil For Mental Alertness 
About half an hour before I need to really concentrate on my projects, I prepare my aromatherapy one of three ways: 
1. Setting it on a desk/workstation:
Boil a cup of water, add ten drops of peppermint oil and stir. This is the easiest and most budget conscious way in lieu of buying candles or home sprays. If this is your first time using peppermint oil, then start with 5 drops to see if you like the smell.
An alternative way:  place three to four cotton balls in a small wide glass container and squirt two drops on each cotton ball.
If your not the DIY type of person, you can also use an aromatherapy diffuser like Greenair All Natural Reed Diffuser.
I personally love using just the essential oils but if you become a mint addict, I’ve put together some of the best beauty products that I used in the past as well.
Peppermint Beauty Essentials:


I just want to remind all of you that peppermint oil, as any essential oil, is concentrated and should be used with care, and kept away from children and pets. If you are allergic to plants and flowers then please test for an allergic reaction before using any essential oil. I also advise talking with your physician before experimenting with any supplements or topical products. 
It might be my “secret” for staying alert, but it’s no secret that you can find more information about the wonderful benefits (and possible side effects) of peppermint oil on the internet!

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