My Top 3 Business Resolutions for 2018


With 2018 around the corner, I’ve been making resolution lists left and right like there’s no tomorrow. One of my favorite resolution lists to make is for my business, as many entrepreneurs know the passion that comes with having your own brand. 2017 was a great year but I’m ready to take 2018 to the next level! I know that there can be endless lists for resolutions, but I want to share my top three this year! Let’s dive in:

1: Plan, Plan, Plan:

Many entrepreneurs get so caught up with putting out daily fires, taking the lead on daily operations, and getting involved with every single aspect of their business that the art of planning and strategizing falls to the wayside. It’s extremely crucial to add regular business planning to the mix so that the big picture goals are being taken accounted for and to ensure that your business goals are always being met.

I take time each week to plan out marketing and operational strategies broken down into daily, weekly, and monthly plans. This way I always know what my priorities are each day and I can plan out my month based on my priorities. Buy yourself a calendar and mark down milestones you want to hit on specific days, daily priorities and tasks, and monthly achievements you want to make.


2: Get The Right Tools To Boost Productivity:

Since my entire career is based around the online atmosphere – I use my laptop a minimum of 10 hours a day. Let me tell ya – my laptop can get really slow. So I’m making a resolution this year to find the right tools to boost productivity (and more specifically the speed and memory storage) of my laptop.


I was linked up with Intel® Optane™ memory from Office Depot which is a new class of memory that delivers a crazy fast performance without losing the storage capacity of your device. It actually learns your computing habits by prioritizing the programs and files you use the most, and providing instant access to daily tools and information you use daily on your device. It literally speeds up everything you do so that you aren’t waiting for pages to load and videos to stream all the time. Do you know how much time this can save?! I always get so frustrated when my laptop works so slowly, so knowing that I can have a memory tool like Intel that works as fast as I do gets me so excited about how much more free time it will add to my day.

Now I can have more time to go about my day and do all the fun things I like, like my daily yoga classes, time with friends, and snuggling my pup. Hooray!


3: Disconnect entirely at least twice this year:

It gets so easy for me to burn out these days since I’m always looking at a screen and hustling at work. So I’m going to make it a priority to take time off from work and from my mobile devices at least twice. This allows me to feel refreshed and remove all the unneeded mental clutter from my day. I don’t know about you, but taking a regular time out from social media and  being constantly connected online keeps me focused and allows me to be more productive.

Disconnecting allows you to reset your mindset, feel more focused, and experience the here and now!

What are some of your top business resolutions for 2018? Share with me in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Intel® Optane™ memory. All creative writing and direction is my own.

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