Top Home Remedies to Spring Clean Your Body! (Inside and Out)


Feeling a little bogged down after a big Easter brunch? I know I enjoyed gluten free brownies, ice cream, and carrot cake, so I’m feeling it today! This means it’s time to Spring Clean your body. The rest of this week I am going to be using the below tips to help get my digestion on the right course, focus on eating a plant based diet, and will be working out at least 30 minutes a day. Time to get back on track! 

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  • Lemon Water: Detoxes the liver for optimal metabolism, also acts as a natural diuretic, making you urinate regularly. 
  • Omega 3 Fish Oil: I am currently using a liquid form, and I take 1 tbsp a day. It has a great lemony flavor. I have also been told by my chiropractor that Omega 3 fish oil aids with inflammation. Whenever I have lower back pain from my scoliosis, I take Omega’s and start to notice improvement in a about a week! 
  • Give yourself a massage before bed: There are so many massage tutorials out there on YoutTube, or you can take turns with your significant other to (he/she won’t object!). Massages help detox the body and could also get your digestion moving. Giving yourself even a belly massage could relieve any backups.
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  • Add dandelion to your diet: When I was working in Greece a year ago, I was OBSESSED with sauteed dandelion, or as they call it – xorta (pronounced horta). I pretty much lived off of it! Dandelion is also one of natures diuretics, helping you lose belly bloat by making you want to urinate regularly. I add dandelion tea to my morning green smoothie (recipe here), enjoy Dandelion tea by itself, or saute them and eat a whole bowl of em- my favorite!
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  • Add ginger to your stir fry’s and smoothies: Ginger is a natural digestive aid and is also known to help with nausea. I always chop up fresh ginger and add it to my veggie stir fry’s and my green smoothies! You can never go wrong with ginger as a flavorful and healthy spice. 
  • Chia Seed Water: I have a girlfriend that brings Chia seeds with her while she is out socializing, and drinks a cup of Chia Water in between her alcoholic beverages. Now that is dedication! If you don’t want to be making a splash in a nightclub with your Chia Seeds, try making some Chia Water at home. Chia seeds are also a great way to get Omega 3’s, and help you feel fuller longer from their fiber. I typically put 1 oz of Chia seeds in my lemon water, and let it soak for about 30 minutes. 
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: I discussed the uses of apple cider vinegar in one of my older posts here, and still see articles floating around the internet about it to this day. Some women take actual shots of apple cider vinegar, but I dilute mine in my morning lemon water. 

Have any special at home remedies that you use to Spring Clean your body? Share with us!

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