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Get Access to the Inner Coaching Circle! Now is the time to invest in your health and relationship with food.


Transform Your Life With Us And Become A Balanced Babe!

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Learn how to cook and eat plant-based

Download our monthly plant based meal and recipe ideas, shopping guides and nutrition tips to stay on track with your Balanced Babe lifestyle.

Get nutrition and holistic health guidance at your fingertips, wherever you are

Learn from Sarah and fellow holistic experts on how to maintain a vibrant and balanced lifestyle. From videos, to exclusive guides on eating, mindfulness and holistic living, we’ve got you covered with fresh content and plans to educate you every month. 

Monthly coaching webinars with Sarah

Get exclusive access to Sarah’s health coaching practices through monthly webinars and members only content. Each month, webinars will focus on a specific topic to help viewers lead an enriched, Balanced Babe lifestyle. Think of us as your coach to becoming a Balanced Babe!

Your Balanced Babe Guide Membership Includes Unlimited and Exclusive Access to..

  • Holistic Health Support and Content Anywhere, Anytime!

    Need recipe ideas, or wellness inspiration? Gain access to members only recipes, wellness plans, workout moves, and meal ideas to help support your lifestyle, without dieting!

  • The Monthly Be Balanced Calendar

    Download your monthly Be Balanced Calendar once a month and follow along as we maintain the Balanced Babe lifestyle together!

  • Members Only Webinars

    Each month, we will virtually congregate together online to learn about holistic health practices, homeopathic remedies, Balanced Babe livin’ and so much more!

  • Balanced Babe Guides

    Multiple guides on how to lead a complete Balanced Babe Lifestyle. You will gain access to everything from nutrition, homeopathic remedies, spirituality, holistic health guides and so much more. 

Become a Balanced Babe Member Today and Receive…

  • 1 Week Water Weight Slasher Plan: Drop that pesky water weight for your special event with our water weight slasher guide!
  • Balanced Babe Approved Recipes: Each month, more and more recipes will be added to your library
  • Balanced Babe Lifestyle Planner and Checklist Download:Let us help you stay organized with our planning and organizing system.
  • Seasonal Grocery Lists and Menus
  • Access to our seasonal Be Balanced Challenges
  • Weekly workouts that focus on specific body parts.
  • Accountability: Members will have access to our members only Facebook group and forums where you can share your progress and ask questions. We are in this to support one another!
  • Monthly Be Balanced Calendar: Our monthly calendars can be used as your guides. Print them out and hang them on your fridge for reminders!
  • Videos, and monthly webinars: Want to learn more about something specific? Each month you can send in your thoughts and questions and it will be discussed in our educational webinars.

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Membership Plan Options

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Pre-Sale Special (Monthly)


    Take advantage of our pre-sale option. For less than $5 a week get access to the membership portal for 3 months.

    Pre-Sale Yearly


      Get your discounted yearly membership now! Enjoy all the benefits of being a member for a year at a steep discount compared to our launch pricing. 

      Basic Membership Monthly


        Get all access to Balanced Babe membership content – recipes, holistic guides, monthly webinars, calendar plans and more! 

        Basic Membership Yearly

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          Save %15 monthly by purchasing the yearly membership. Get access to all Balanced Babe membership content, coaching and webinars.

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          Frequently Asked Questions

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          • Why the Balanced Babe Membership Plan? 
            • Many wellness memberships are generalized and don’t really focus on balancing all arenas of one’s life. The Balanced Babe coaching circle does just that; providing educational content to enhance our relationship with food, focus on personal discovery, and to encourage actionable change towards a well-rounded successful life. 
          • What type of recipes are in this membership?
            • Recipes are primarily plant-based to encourage members to eat more nutrient dense meals, although there will be pescetarian and alternative variations of recipes to include poultry or fish. We do not create any recipes with red meat. 
          • Is this Membership OK for someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding?
            • You should consult your doctor about your nutrition plan and eating habits. The Balanced Babe membership is not a restrictive diet or follows any particular diet, we encourage the inclusion of more nutrient dense and plant-based recipes into your daily intake. 
          • What’s included in the membership? 
            • Our membership grants access to all of our exclusive meal plans and recipes, webinars, video tutorials, Balanced Babe guides and so much more that is not accessible to the public. Think of us as your virtual health coach. 
          • Can I get a refund?
            • We do not offer refunds. Cancellations can be made at any time in-between billing cycles.
          • Can I access content if I cancel my membership?
            • If you decide to cancel your membership with us, you will not be able to access any of our materials, guides and videos. 




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          About Sarah Baker, Founder of Balanced Babe

          Sarah Baker is a certified plant-based nutrition and holistic health coach. Being the creator of Balanced Babe and The BeHealthful Retreat series, Sarah knows all the tricks to being healthy on-the go. To learn more about Sarah and her story, please visit

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