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Hi! I’m Sarah,

I am so honored and excited that you are here. I am a Chicago based Holistic Health Specialist, 2 x Published author, Internationally accredited meditation and holistic mindset educator, Maternal Wellness + HypnoBirthing Practitioner / Childbirth Educator, Holistic Health Coach, certified nutritionist, and highly sought after TV correspondent on a mission to teach people all over the world what to give their body so that it can heal itself. I have been doing what I do for a decade. If you’d like to learn more about everything that I am certified and credentialed in, you can head over to my personal website here:

I also offer private, one on one Functional Medicine + Nutrition programs for women! I have partnered up with a Functional Medicine Naturopathic Doctor to offer clients the most in-depth and detailed care they could ask for.

We work with women who are experiencing the below health challenges:

Adrenal Fatigue / Insufficiency, Autoimmune diseases, Burnout Syndrome, Detoxification, Digestive Conditions, Fibromyalgia, Hormone imbalances and female conditions (PCOS, fertility, Endometriosis), Insulin Resistance and Thyroid health. If you are experiencing a health challenge that is not listed – I encourage you to still book an anitial appointment so that we can determine if we can help you! Now, onto what Balanced Babe is all about:

So what exactly IS Balanced Babe ®?

I know that there are many sites and platforms that are now using our trademarked name, but we are the ORIGINAL 🙂 ! I created Balanced Babe ® in 2012 to provide free resources and guides for those who aspire to heal their body and bring balance back into their life. You will find over 700 articles on various topics such as holistic nutrition, natural healing remedies, hundreds of recipes with healing ingredients, and various actionable holistic health guides that are easy to implement and based science. You can also find numerous articles on clean / non toxic living such as clean beauty guides and keeping your environment as low toxic as possible. 

I post daily education and additional free tools on my Instagram: @SarahBakerHealth

Resources For Pregnancy, Postpartum and Motherhood

Since I became pregnant in 2018, my interests and services naturally pivoted to serve moms. From TTC to balancing motherhood, I shifted my focus to support mothers throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey through 1 on 1 wellness and birth coaching, postpartum healing support, and emotional / mental wellness support for moms. You will start finding more resources for your motherhood journey on here as well as upcoming workshops and classes such as HypnoBirthing and natural childbirth classes.

My mission is to make Balanced Babe a lifestyle, community, and space for women to receive support that is approachable and practical to implement, since women are quite busy these days!  

The Balanced Babe Philosophy

This platform is all about..

  • NOT putting labels on your eating habits or diets (AKA being an intuitive eater).
  • That you can prevent illness and imbalance in your body by live a healthy and balanced life without going to an extreme.
  • Understanding that the outstanding obstacle between you and your dream life is, yourself
  • That you can train yourself to be completely aware of how your body responds to anything you consume and expose yourself to (physically and mentally), so that you can be 100% aware of internal body cues to help you live your healthiest life.
  • That there can be a healthy balance between living holistically and logically. Holistic doesn’t always have to be “woo-woo”.
  • Being balanced is an ever evolving journey, not a destination.

It IS possible to live a healthy and happy life without hitting all of the extremes. I know this because I practice what I preach and I love the body and life I live!


My Health Journey..

Going through life feeling unfulfilled with a long time career path, I took it upon myself to embrace a new purpose and business with tenacity and drive. This lead me to create Balanced Babe and my nutrition/wellness career. I started modeling at the age of 11. Living every little girl’s dream of playing dress up and posing for photos all day. Unfortunately, this feeling of euphoria did not last long.

At times, photographers told me I had a fat face, and an agency even told me that I needed to do pilates to slim down my thighs, all before the age of 13. Still, I carried on and landed contracts with agencies in international markets – I was still achieving my dream even though I was criticized for how I looked, almost every single day. After modeling for a good decade, I felt like I had to go to extremes to lose weight, and I did. I smoked a pack of marlboro red cigarettes a day, measured my waist and hips daily, and obsessed severely over what I ate (what is clinically diagnosed as orthorexia). I became so obsessed with being “skinny enough and pretty enough” that even eating a piece of cheese sent me into a downward negative spiral for a whole day. 

While living in Istanbul, Turkey for three months on a modeling contract at the age of 22, I woke up one morning and said to myself, ‘screw this!’ I was yearning for a purpose in life to help women by promoting a healthy body image, not by being a photoshopped weight loss goal.

My world and mindset started changing while working in Istanbul. One day I was sitting in a room at a casting call with many other young models from all over the world. When I looked around and became aware of my surroundings, I saw a room full of negativity and unhappiness.

Almost every girl was smoking.

Every girl was sharing with each other what they were (or weren’t) eating that day.

Every girl was viewing each other as a threat and competition.

There was no compassion, no positivity, and no love in this room.

And I realized at that moment that I have not been positive, compassionate, and loving to myself throughout this career path I chose.

Since that moment, I quit smoking, changed my education path, and decided to create a loving and accepting Balanced Babe lifestyle for myself, and others.

Fast forward 8 years and two babies later, I had to embark on another journey. During my postpartum period after my second child, I started experiencing chronic neurological symptoms, severe gut issues, postpartum anxiety, insomnia and adrenal fatigue. Add COVID on top of this, and it was a recipe for dis-ease.

I spent 7 months having panic attacks before bed, waking up throughout the night worrying about my kids in only a way that a mom with postpartum anxiety would understand, and trying to cope with chronic symptoms as a result from a dysfunction in the right cortex in my brain and my autonomic nervous system due to a combination of my anxiety, stress, hormonal imbalance and insomnia the first 3 months of my postpartum experience.

BUT because I had the tools, education and experience of working as a Holistic Health Specialist for so many years, I was able to heal myself! I learned SO much along the way, which has provided me the opportunity and honor to teach other moms how to heal themselves after having kids as well.

Feeling out of control of my own destiny in both chapters of my life is what pushed me into action. Since experiencing my own awakening, I’ve made it my mission to help other women take the lead and heal their bodies after having kids.

What I experienced and learned throughout my journey created massive positive shifts in my life. If I can quit smoking a pack a day, quit obsessing over the foods I eat and allowing others how to dictate what MY body should look like, AND heal myself from adrenal fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and postpartum neurological imbalances, then you can too.

I relate to those who feel stuck in in their path and in some way, hopeless, because I’ve also been there. I know what it’s like to have chronic health issues, to not treat yourself with love and care, to feel like you don’t have power over your future. Because I know what being stuck is like, I know how to get up, go, and change my reality.

Together, we will take on the adventure of embracing and welcoming a new life.

My central passion is to help others feel beautiful in their own skin and influence readers to achieve their wellness and lifestyle goals with the help of delicious, nutritious, holistic recipes and remedies, an abundant amount of healthy living guides and resources, and advice on achieving a balanced, glowing life.

The end result? Becoming a Complete Balanced Babe. 


Sarah spends most of her time as a media and TV personality advocating an approachable and fun holistic lifestyle through morning shows such as ABC’s Windy City Live, WCIU You & Me This Morning & The Jam, Good Day Chicago FOX, WGN News and also has her own episode on Jewel Osco’s series, “Something Fresh”. She can also be found  in publications such as Glossed & Found, Purewow, Redeye Chicago, Refinery 29, Mind Body Green, Sun Times Splash, Revia Magazine, and a plethora of lifestyle blogs.

You can contact Sarah by visiting our contact page, or drop us a comment in our blog posts or Instagram page.

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