Sarah Baker


Sarah Baker, Founder of Balanced Babe ®

Hi all! My name is Sarah Baker and I’m a Chicago based certified plant-based nutrition + holistic health coach, wellness media personality, holistic business consultant, and the force behind 

Plant-Based Nutrition & Holistic Health Services

By day, I focus on growing the Balanced Babe brand by creating educational resources in the form of guides and courses that can be delivered straight to your inbox. Along with offering nutritional advice, my plant-based nutrition and holistic health services bring a unique angle to motivating clients who wan’t want to lead a healthy and holistic, yet realistic life. My mission is to guide my students through their health and wellness journey by focusing on living a complete Balanced Babe lifestyle.  


By night, I work as a strategic business consultant for wellness entrepreneurs who are embarking on a new chapter of their life: starting a business. Helping entrepreneurs in the wellness and lifestyle industry grow their brand is one of my many passions. It’s one of my missions to help fellow business owners spread their word in the name of healthy living. 

Before Balanced Babe:

Being in the fashion industry as an international model for 13 years, it has been my goal to find numerous ways to maintain an ideal body weight the healthy way. Therefore, one of my top priorities is to help inspire women to ditch the unhealthy way to “skinny”  and work hard to keep a glowing and healthy figure by following an invigorating, equitable, and healthy lifestyle. To read more about my background story and how I came to be a Balanced Babe myself, you can read my full biography here

My central passion is to help others feel beautiful in their own skin and influence readers of all ages to achieve their wellness and lifestyle goals with the help of delicious, nutritious, holistic recipes and remedies, an abundant amount of healthy living guides and resources, and advice on achieving a balanced, glowing life.

The end result? Being a Complete Balanced Babe. 

To read more about me and my philosophy, check out my personal site,


Credentials: Sarah Baker is a certified plant based nutrition and health coach, and certified business consultant.

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