The Intuitive Eaters Guide To Meal Prepping

Love the idea of having meals ready for you when you don’t feel like cooking, but hate the idea of “planning out” what you’re going to eat? If you’re like me, what you are craving for lunch or dinner can change in 2.5 seconds! This is why the intuitive eaters guide to meal prepping was born – to help you eat healthier, with less cooking time, not have to worry about what you’ll make for your meals each week..but still have that freedom to follow your cravings and eat intuitively!

Meal prepping made easy! A course topic that has been widely requested and now we are delivering – uncover all the tools you need to make meal prepping and establishing a healthy eating routine a breeze while still eating intuitively..meaning, eat what you crave!

This LIVE 4 Part Class includes...

Space is LIMITED to 15 students since this is our first round of class! We want to ensure that each student gets 100% hands on attention and assistance.