Food Is Medicine: Nourish Yourself

Part Time Plant-Based Online Course

How does this course stand out?

 Part Time Plant-Based is designed for anyone who wants to nourish themselves and have confidence around their eating choices by adopting a plant based-diet that still allows wiggle room for other food groups. 

It’s not preachy or shoving specific lifestyles in your face.

It’s not shaming you for how you currently eat, and the curriculum focuses on zero pressure.

This course is for you if you can imagine...

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Not having to restrict, avoid, eliminate, or demonize any food group.

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Giving your body extremely nutrient dense foods that will increase your energy, boost your immunity, and support your all over wellness.

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Cutting through the noise of diet culture BS, so that you can create nutrition choices and eating habits based on YOUR own unique needs and goals. 

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Understanding how to implement the foundations of plant-based eating with confidence in order to nourish your body, restore vitality and energy, prevent disease and optimize overall health!

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Enjoying your favorite foods AND having them contribute to your newfound health and vitality.

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Knowing the ins and outs of the best, and right types of plant-based foods to eat to completely nourish your body.

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Part time plant-based takes you on an adventure of creating a sustainable foundation for life to know what plant-based foods to eat and why, and what to reach for when (and if) you decide to eat animal foods.

Prioritizing plant-based foods provides a multitude of health benefits. The hard part is understanding what foods give us the most bang for our buck.  

What's inside Part Time Plant-Based

In this self-paced course, you will have all the tools, confidence, and understanding of what types of foods to incorporate into your diet, how they will benefit you, what animal foods (the healthiest options and how to source them) to reach for when not eating plant based, and evidence based habit formation strategies to make your new eating habits stick.

It CAN be easy to create lifelong health habit that fit seamlessly into your life.

By incorporating these shifts, you can expect to have more energy, optimized health, reduced risk for disease and a host of many other benefits that you will learn about  in class.

7 Sections and 21 video modules 

4-5 hours of videos

12 handouts/resources 


Meal planning template

Nutrition behavior change strategy worksheets  + goal setting worksheets

Best plant based sources of protein, carb and fat 

Best plant based sources of vital micronutrients

Sourcing animal based foods

Guide to dairy swaps

Additives list

And more

Hi! I'm Sarah

I’m a 2x published author, Holistic Health Specialist and Certified Integrative + Plant-Based Nutrition Coach. I am passionate about helping YOU succeed on your path to vibrant health by incorporating more nutrient rich foods into your diet! 

By switching to a plant forward diet myself 10 years ago, I healed pre-cancerous cells that were detected in my body and was able to heal many other students with these same eating principles. My nutrition philosophy is this: Life should be enjoyed, and part of enjoying life is eating foods we love while understanding how these foods nourish our body. 

What you choose to consume plays the most important role in healing or maintaining your health, energy, weight and wellbeing, but this doesn’t mean you have to give up food groups you enjoy.

I’m honored to play a small part in your wellness journey, see you in class!

Hi! I'm Sarah

online plant based nutrition course

It's not enough to know what to eat, you need to know HOW.

How to incorporate more plant based foods without diving down a restrictive dieting cycle is key. Part time plant-based is not a quick-fix or fad diet; it’s a sustainable way of eating and it is up to YOU to make the changes and shifts in your habits and perspective around food.

If you incorporate the eating principles and practices in this course, resulting in a plant forward diet, you’ll end up feeling healthier and looking healthier.

What you will learn.

SECTION1 (250 x 250 px)


In this module, I welcome you to the course by sharing my story and all the incredible benefits you can expect by making these approachable and sustainable changes to your eating habits.

You will also learn about the part time plant-based philosophy: what it is, how it’s different than being vegan, and the food groups that eating plant-based encompasses.

Foundation of eating plant-based: Macronutrients

By the end of this module, you will understand the principles of eating plant-based, what foods make up the three macronutrients that are paramount to eating a balanced diet, and how to start tracking and taking note of what percentage of these food groups you are already eating, so that you can make the necessary shifts to bring your eating habits back into balance.

Foundations Part 2: Micronutrients

No more food confusion! After completing part 1 and 2 of the foundations section you will have an understanding of the two most important categories that create a balanced nutrition plan. In this module you will learn the importance of micronutrients, how they play a vital role in healing and keeping your body healthy, and the richest plant-based food sources in each and every one of the numerous micronutrients.

Replenishing Deficiencies

Think you may be dealing with a nutrient deficiency? This section empowers you to have a deeper understanding of what important minerals could be missing from your diet, and most importantly what foods are richest in these nutrients so that you can get started right away on improving any potential nutrient deficiencies. I will also discuss a controversial topic: anti nutrients. And spoiler alert! While it’s important to be mindful of these substances, you do not need to fear them and demonize entire food groups based on anti nutrients.

What to Reach For When Not Eating Plant-Based

This section is the reason why this course is called, Part Time Plant-Based! In these modules, you will learn about the healthiest, nutrient dense animal based foods IF and when you decide to incorporate animal foods into your diet. You will understand how to source high quality products, and why these foods can also fit into a healthy eating lifestyle. 

Sustaining It All

The final stretch! This section is nonstop, real life application. Here you will learn the actual strategies of how to incorporate more plant based foods into your routine, how to map out what your goals are with this course, how to work with your instincts to shift your behavior for positive improvement, and how to make these changes last a lifetime. By the end of this lesson, you will be confident about what to eat, how to eat, and how to make your eating habits stick!

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Join our VIP waitlist to get $100 OFF the registration price in addition to a 1:1 Private Nutrition Consultation with your teacher!