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Part-Time PlantBased - BALANCED BABE

Part-Time Plant Based

Class is coming! This LIVE online course will be launching this Spring/Summer 2020 and YOU will learn everything you need to know about what plant based eating entails, and how to incorporate it into your life with ease. Oh, and did I mention this is all about being part-time plant based?! Yup – we aren’t forcing you to cut out all your favorite food groups, this online course is for those who are completely new to plant based eating, and are ready to create small shifts in their diet that will cause massive healthy change. It’s time to be a part-time plant based eater!

Hundreds of our readers have been asking us to offer a course on plant based eating, without the intimidation and pressure to always eat perfectly. 

Well, now it’s here! 

Part-Time Plant Based is a 5 week LIVE coaching course that includes:

  • Week by week guides that will teach you ALL about what plant based eating really means, what it is, and all the nutrition information you need to feel empowered and excited to eat more plant based.
  • A plan of action on how to incorporate more plant based meals into your diet - THE ACTION STEPS, BABY!
  • Downloads and resources on specific foods, nutrients, and topics covered each week for you to refer to as needed.
  • LIVE coaching webinars once a week covering each weekly module, with time for Q&A.
  • Since this is a LIVE class, customizations and more 1-on-1 focus will be available to curate each student's experience and plan
  • Direct support and 24 hour email responses with program questions throughout the 5 week class.
  • Sample meal plans, recipe ideas and intuitive guides that will further support your game plan to eating part time plant based.
  • Private members only dashboard where all class content and resources will be available to download.

Space will be LIMITED to 10 students since this is our very first class, and we want to ensure that each student’s expectations and needs are met 100%

Want to be one of our very first 10 students for Part-Time Plant Based? Sign up early and save your spot NOW!

5 WEEK LIVE COACHING CLASS - Part-Time Plant Based

Special pricing for our first round of students
$ 175
  • PRICE GOES UP TO $235 after April 15th, 2020

BUNDLE! Part-Time Plant Based & Meal Prep Course Combo

Sign up for both classes at a discount
$ 300
  • This pricing brings BOTH classes down to $150 EACH!
  • Price goes up to $420 after April 15th
  • Classes Start in May and June