Part-Time Plant Based

Class is coming! Part-Time Plant Based is launching soon and YOU will finally know exactly what to eat to help your body heal from stress, inflammation, gut health issues, low energy levels and simply feeling out of balance. The best part? This is going against the grain of diet culture and focuses on creating consistent small changes that will result in MASSIVE long term results. You will find no restrictive eating methods here or dietary labels. It’s all about going part-time plant based so that you can make empowered eating choices that elevate your health, while still making room for food freedom and the wonderful feeling of never feeling restricted.

Hundreds of our readers have been asking us to offer a course on plant based eating, without the intimidation and pressure to always eat perfectly. 

Well, now it’s here! 

How would you feel if you could

Get your energy back?

Start healing your gut troubles?

Prevent disease like diabetes and cancer by focusing on the food you eat?

Or create a healing environment in your body that can help trigger your innate protective response that will allow you to step into a healthier body?

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard. Diet culture and an overabundance of information in the media has lead so many of us feeling confused, overwhelmed, and not even knowing where to start when it comes to eating for vibrant health. 

What if you could simply work on including the right types of nourishing foods into your day instead of worrying about everything you need to “cut out” or “eliminate”? 

What if you could stop scratching your head trying to figure out how to actually make healthy meals that you enjoy and are easy to replicate over and over again?

Most nutrition programs just tell you what you should be eating, but don’t tell you exactly HOW to incorporate these foods into your diet and more importantly, how to make these foods taste great.


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Sarah Baker Holistic Health Coach

Hey folks! I’m Sarah.

In my early 20s I had pre-cancerous cells detected during a regular doctor’s appointment and at that phase of my life, I was not eating and leading the type of lifestyle that I am now. In fact, I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, binge eating some days and then switching to overly restrictive eating the next day. I struggled with orthorexia, poor body image, and a multitude of symptoms like chronic fatigue and digestive issues that I tried to treat with pills and teas.

It was when I was informed that I could “possibly” get cancer if I didn’t start taking care of myself that I had my own wake up call. I was working internationally in Greece and saw another doctor there, and he informed me to take an antioxidant blend and “eat more plants”. This was one of many of my lightbulb moments that has lead me to my career now. 

I quit smoking, started eating a diverse range of plant based meals, and next thing I knew at my next check up these cells were gone and cleared up. I knew in my heart it was because I nourished myself with living plant foods (and of course because I quit smoking and embarked on my own holistic journey).

It was during this time that I also switched careers from the fashion industry, to being a holistic health expert. I have now been working with clients and educating thousands of students as an integrative nutritionist (with additional credentials in plant based eating) and holistic health specialist for just under a decade, and I’m honored to be able to combine many of my nutrition philosophy teachings into this comprehensive course! 

Part-Time Plant Based is a self-paced online course that includes:

Downloads included in your course:

  • 6 week flexible plant based eating strategy for you to print out and follow along
  • Various lists of the most healing plant based foods to start incorporating into your diet
  • Food Label reading guide
  • Smart Supplement guide
  • Plant based shopping lists and guide
  • Cooking and meal prep guide
  • Food sourcing guide for when you are not eating plant based
  • Sample meal plans
  • Recipe lists

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