7 Amazing ways to Make Mondays Not Suck


Monday blues are undoubtedly the most boring thing after you are done with the weekend. It starts beating us on Sunday night on the realization of the things you have to do the following morning. No one loves the sound or the thought of Mondays. For the longest time, people, especially those in the labor force and students have always wondered how well to survive Monday, but their strategies never seem to work. If you are one of these people who curse Monday week after week, you may want to consider using these effective tips to beat those annoying Monday blues gradually. 

Beating Monday blues 

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1. Try waking up earlier than usual: this must already sound like it isn’t any help as most people hate getting out of bed on Mondays. However, it will do you a lot of good because you it will buy you extra time to prepare at a non-rushed pace. This also allows you to greet the sun and witness the early morning activities happening around you. Further, you will have enough time to do what you love doing such as exercising, meditating or even writing which will brighten your day. 

2. Breakfast is a must have: you really do not have to be reminded about the important benefits of having a nutritious breakfast and more so when you are looking for a way to survive Monday. You really need the right amount of energy and strength to make it through Monday especially if you have had an engaging weekend. Go for a protein rich breakfast such as boiled egg or yogurt.

3. Dressing for energy: looking great will considerably boosts your moods as well as confidence. Since a huge proportion of Monday blues is a mental stipulation we put on ourselves, it means that we have the ability to bring about change. Ensure to wear your favourite outfit on Mondays and see the difference it brings.

4. How to prepare on Friday and Sunday: before leaving your desk on Friday, spend the last few minutes of your afternoon easing the shell shock for your future Monday. The best way to approach this is creating a list of loose ends then prioritizing things that need to be done. This way, when you get back to work on Monday, you will just have to dive in. your Sunday night preparations can also make your Mondays brighter and better as well. Ensure that your clothes are ironed and ready for Monday. 

5. Ensure to plan for happiness: it is important for you to have something to look forward to as it makes getting out of bed a whole lot easier on Monday. Who says all your fun must be on weekends? For instance, set a standing date with your friends for Monday nights. Alternatively, incorporate a Monday evening walk or exercise with a couple of your friends. This will make you feel great both mentally and physically. 

6. Create a playlist of Monday songs: you can never go short of this kind of music with the strength to boost your moods and energy levels. For instance, download Manic Monday by the Bangles and Monday, Monday by Mamas and the Papas. You will love Rebecca Black’s rejoice that this day has not been slaughtered will keep you going.

7. Your health is important: by all means don’t ignore any health check-ups planned for the weekends. If you are feeling all tired and sickly, a visit to the doctor will do. By all means, if you are the kind of person that works in different places, you are better off applying for EHIC just in case you need affordable medical attention. 

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If you are suffering from the Monday Blues, try these effective and astounding ways of beating this nagging feeling. In life, most of the things that happen to us have to do with the choices we make. Make the right decisions, apply the right strategies and you will eventually realize how easy it can be to make it through Monday just like any other day of the week.

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