The Benefits of Earthing

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Since having my second baby in 2020, I’ve been on a healing journey that has taken many twists and turns, ups and downs, and a whole wave of holistic protocols to help all the different systems in my body. Two systems that I’ve been caring for a lot lately is my cellular health, specifically my mitochondria, and my nervous system.

Both our mitochondria and our nervous system can impact our energy levels pretty significantly, and our bodies ability to turn on its own innate intelligence so that it can start healing. Earthing has many different benefits that I’m going to be sharing below, but I was particularly drawn to it as a means to support my mitochondria and nervous system. Let’s dive into what earthing is and how I’ve incorporated it into my healing plan.

What Is It?

Grounding, or better known as earthing, is walking barefoot on the earth with the goal of coming in contact with the earth’s negatively charged ions. In this case, negative is a good thing!  Many believe that to get the full benefits, the connection must also include water (in or near bodies of water, wet grass or wet sand).  But any form of physical touch with your barefoot to the earth can provide various health benefits. The earth’s free electrons literally come into contact with the body to help provide the body with antioxidants, and immune supporting properties.

Why It Works

It’s believed that by connecting directly with the earth we are allowing  the earth’s plentiful supply of free electrons to transfer into our body.  Continuing research holds that these electrons contain powerful antioxidants which promote health and wellness and help eliminate free radicals. And that by grounding, we can negate the effects of electromagnetic fields and all types of radiation and build up of positive (yes, in this case, positive is a negative) charges that we may be exposed to throughout the day.

Others believe that any direct connection with the earth will ground you (bare soil, dry grass, rock or sand, untreated brick or concrete).  And still others believe that in addition to grounding through the soles of the feet, it can also be done with the hands, using a “grounding pad” or for those who want to reap the benefits without going barefoot: wearing leather-soled shoes.

The  Benefits of Grounding

Surprising and positive results were cited in The Journal of Environmental and Public Health showing the benefits of physically connecting with the surface of the earth and tapping into its’ immense supply of electrons:

“Reconnection with the Earth’s electrons has been found to promote intriguing physiological changes and subjective reports of well-being. [..]including better sleep and reduced pain—from walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems that transfer the Earth’s electrons from the ground into the body.”

Benefits of Grounding:

1) Strengthens the body’s immune system and improves the amount of oxygen that’s delivered to our cells and tissues through the bloodstream;

2) Reduces inflammation by counteracting the positive charges in our body with negative ions;

3) Increases the chemical, Serotonin, which is a mood and energy booster;

4) Improves cardiovascular health by the blood thinning effect of reducing positively charged ions and increasing negatively charged ions.

5) Reduces fatigue and chronic pain

6) Improves sleep quality

Ways to Recharge with Grounding / Earthing

Pick a grassy spot, lay back and watch the cloud formations go by; (remember using your imagination?!)

Take a walk in your yard or local park and enjoy the feeling of the cool or wet grass against your bare feet;  

Take a walk along the beach and stand at the edge of the water and watch the waves come in;

Get on your leather-soled hiking boots and head to a state or national park;

When was the last time you took a walk in the rain?  Or just after a rain shower or storm?  Either one can give you a negative (yes, in this case negative is a positive)  ion boost. Just be sure to go indoors if it turns into lightning or a thunderstorm!  And according to grounding advocates: wear leather-soled shoes, NOT rubber since rubber is known to block the earth’s flow of electrons.

For me personally, I LOVE utilizing this practice.  After all, if there’s  a chance I can get the earth’s healing electrons to help rid my body of any free radical buildup and inflammation then why not go for it?  

I’ve been grounding all summer and have noticed great improvements in my healing but now that winter is coming in Chicago I was going to be 5-6 months without the chance to do this extremely healing technique!

As cold weather months approach, I’m using an kit that includes a universal earthing mat, therapeutic grounding pads to put directly on my feet, and mattress cover (yes I get to ground overnight . I can’t wait to share the journey & progress this winter. Seriously jumping for joy that I can continue what I was on such a roll with all summer and reap the health benefits ✨

I am really impressed with Earthing’s product as they are patent protected, and is the only product that is supported by 20 years of research and development!

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