7 Summer Solstice Holistic Rituals You Can Do Today

summer solstice rituals

The summer solstice is here! If you follow along on my Instagram, you may notice that I’m sharing more about moon cycles, astrology, and energetic/manifestation goodness.

I am fascinated by how we are intertwined with the universe and solar system energetically and how the various seasons, energetic shifts, and nature plays a part in how we feel emotionally and physically. I hope you’ll enjoy upcoming articles sharing what I’m learning about how we can utilize earths changes to understand what may or may not influence our own behavior. So with today being the summer solstice, I’m excited to share some self-care rituals with you that you can practice today to embrace the new season and all the possibilities that are to come!

What is the summer solstice?

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, as well as the shortest night! It celebrates the official beginning of summer and the fact that days are officially longer! Ancient religions and cultures all around the globe have practiced various types of summer solstice rituals and celebrations as it signified the time to plant new crops and bring in lighter days.

How does the summer solstice affect me?

The summer solstice is the time to create new goals and intentions for the rest of the year, and use these longer days (and most likely an increase in your own energy) to power through and take action on these goals.

Holistic rituals to welcome in the summer solstice.

Rise with the sun

Rising with the sun can now be apart of your morning routine as a way to start your day with gratitude and appreciate for nature. This can help you feel more grounded to yourself and have a quiet moment to soak in a new day and new opportunities.

Elderflower elixers

Did you know that elderflowers are in peak bloom around late June and thus are used widely around the world in summer solstice traditions? If you have any elderflower syrup on hand, add a dollop to lemon water and honey to create a delicious elderflower elixer. I wrote about all the wonderful health benefits of elderberry in this post as well!

Reflect on your transition

Think to yourself, are you going through a transition? This could be personally or professionally, but the summer solstice is an ideal time to look inward and contemplate on how you are evolving, and taking this day to reflect on your journey, the changes in your life, and to release and allow yourself to accept whats to come for the rest of the year.

Take note of ideas you’ve had throughout the spring season

Now is the time that you can also check in with your goals and ideas you’ve had brewing all throughout spring. Energy healers and astrologers alike view the summer solstice as a wonderful time to energetically check in with your goals and dreams, and to focus on new ideas that draw you in and make you light up with desire and passion.

Take time to play

When I think of the summer solstice, I think of my childhood filled with being in nature daily, playing with friends and not having a care in the world. Now as adults, our spirit of play and curiosity seems to be drastically diminished as the burden of responsibilities and life challenges are constantly thrown our way. Take this day to find magic in your day. What can you do today to spark your creative juices?

Cleanse your home

Nothing helps you feel more energized and clear than de cluttering your home. By cleaning out your closets, drawers, and spaces of objects that no longer serve you, you are allowing new energy to flow freely through your space – thus providing room in yourself mentally to bring in new possibilities. I also like to sage my space after I’ve given it a deep cleanse as sage is a wonderful herb to get rid of stagnant and negative energy.

Soak in a mugwort bath

Mugwort is a wonderful herb utilized often in the summer and has been used by women all around the world to cleanse their soul, ease discomfort and even to regulate their hormonal cycle. Take an Epsom salt soak this evening and sprinkle some dried mugwort into your tub to reap the benefits. It will also help you drift off to sleep! BUT if you are pregnant, avoid adding mugwort to your bath as it can have side effects once soaked into your system.


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