I’m a Balanced Babe and…I’m The Founder of the “Eat-Clean Diet®”: Tosca Reno


Proving that “sexy, smart, strong and inspirational no matter what the age”, it’s no wonder that Tosca Reno is leading a health revolution with her ever-increasing number of followers by helping them lose weight and get healthy!  Tosca’s particular brand of “take no prisoners” advice and walking the talk regarding fitness and health has made her widely respected and renowned.  This physique competitor and mother of 4 most recently won her class in “bikini” at age 52. Tosca started her physique/endurance career at an age when most would consider retiring — 42.  She earned her first “Oxygen” cover at the age of 43 and has kept a steady pace of magazine covers since.  She’s also very comfortable in front of the camera as star of Gemini award-winning reality TV show “Tosca: Flexing at 49”.

BB:  What inspired you to start your website? 

The inspiration for writing my blog www.toscareno.com arose from a profound desire to create a deeper connection with readers and fans.  Getting into the hearts and heads of people who I may affect with words, is a critical piece of understanding how to give them what they want.  From the beginning I wanted others to know and feel that I was approachable, human, flawed but deeply committed to evolving, delivering the best parts of me, my humanness.


 BB:  Can you give us a brief description of  “Your Eat-Clean Home”?

 My Eat Clean® home is the place where readers, fans,  industry thought leaders and others come to discover  and learn how to build an Eat Clean® home for  themselves.  It is a place of inspiration,  experimentation, dreams, success, some failures and  excellent information. I live my own Eat Clean® life  daily, through peaceful and difficult times.  I share  that openly on my site and that, I believe is the  inspiration for many to do it with me.

 BB: Why do you think women have such a hard  time with maintaining their ideal healthy  weight?

 Having once been an obese person, the reasons for  overweightedness are myriad.  My reasons were quite  clearly a lack of self respect, boredom and feelings of worthlessness.  To regain the Balance, I had to find the spark worth fighting for in me.  I became overweight because I lost my way, then couldn’t get out because everywhere I turned there was a landscape of eating badly and overeating that seduced me into staying overweight.  I had to love myself and believe I was worth it before I could change it.


BB: With your busy schedule, how do you maintain the Balanced Babe lifestyle?

I prioritize what makes my Tosca Reno tosca-renoengine tick, hum and roar.  For me that priority before anything else in a day happens is taking care of my physical self.  That means getting up no matter what the hour or obligation and working out.  I learned what I ended to be my best self and it wasn’t prescription meds, alcohol or carbs, it was exercise and Eating Clean.  These are the foundations of my days.  They have saved me.  All the rest is execution and I execute what I believe in and am passionate about. I am fearless to say “NO” when something doesn’t fit my brand.  I am at my best when I take care of those needs first.  I often do this with friends and family around but you can find me training at 5:00 am in the dark outside too.  Downtime is turning off my computer and phone and going for a walk with my dog, having lovely dinners with friends and reading or travelling.



BB: What exciting things can we expect from you in the future!

Exciting news!  I have launched my first ever Fitness Challenge in January 2015.  I have written a program for everyone based on the tricks and tips I use to get in shape myself.  I have worked with naturopathic doctors to build the best nutrition program while using my own experience to create a fat blasting training program.  I’m thrilled to be offering this debut program on www.toscareno.com.  Keep your eyes open.  In the meantime I want to wish you all my heartfelt wishes for a beautiful New Year filled with health and joy.  Love, Tosca


 Needles to say, Tosca Reno is definitely a  woman to look up to. Not only does she  encompass a life of vibrancy and explosive  health, she is an innovative, go getting  business woman. Tosca trademarked the  phrase, Eat-Clean Diet, branded herself, and  is taking over the wellness world. You can  see her advice in Clean Eating Magazine,  she’s been featured in Forbes, Redbook  Magazine, Huffington Post, LA Times, and  has been seen on Oxygen TV, The Doctors,  Good Morning America, and Dr. Oz. Phew!  Tosca is definitely a Balanced Babe that is  breaking ground and manifesting the  wellness movement!

 We were lucky enough to  ask her about her philosophy, her views  on women’s weight loss, and how she herself  maintains the Balanced Babe lifestyle. Go  Tosca!

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