Be Balanced Series


It’s time for the Be Balanced series! To help inspire and motivate you to live the Balanced Babe lifestyle, we are going to provide 5 tips and action items once a week for you to try. These action items may not always be about nutrition or food, it will touch on every facet of your life – time to get balanced!

To share how you live the Balanced Babe lifestyle, use the hashtag #BeBalanced and tag us @Balanced_Babe so we can see your tips. We will also choose tips and photos from you to share on here too! 


1. Food: reduce your meat intake with this tip from Dr. Murad – This past week we met with renowned celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Murad, and were able to ask him all types of questions. One piece of advice he gave that stuck with us was this: When making a burger and you want to transition to a plant based diet or you want to cut down on meat, try blending half  meat and half quinoa for your patty. This will give you an extra boost of protein all while cutting your meat intake in half. You can also try this recipe for a %100 veggie bean burger. 


2. Beauty: try an aligning mist – A pleasant fragrance is always calming and revitalizing, so next time you need a pick me up try using an aromatherapy and gemstone infused mist. There are so many on the market, but we just tried aligning and moving mist. These perfume and room sprays are a blend of essential oils and gemstone essences and are said to improve the energy around us.


3. Home: add a piece of furniture that is circular and light colored – We found this faux fur circular ottoman and use it as an accent table next to our couch. In Feng Shui, having circular furniture keeps the energy in the room constantly moving, which is a good thing! Lighter colors also increase the yang in the room which represents light, day, energy, and the sun.

photo source: Dream Life Project

4. Mind: experiment with a vision board – Making vision boards can be a fun girls night activity, will get your creative juices flowing, and will also inspire and motivate you to stay on track with goals. 


5. Body: at home workouts – We did this workout yesterday and now we are hurting! Bodyweight cardio burns calories and fat in such a small burst of exercise. Definitely a hit with women on the go!

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