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This Balanced Babe has the smarts, skills, and passion for living her dreams (and rock music)! From providing her friends with special concoctions in jars, to making her home made granola available to the public, this gorgeous gal has got it goin’ on!

26 year old  Christina Rechtberger, from the far away land of Austria, is a studious law student, blogger behind The Blonde Bird, on top of working part time at her friend’s wine bar. How does one juggle such a busy life all while staying healthy and fit? Well I’ve got the scoop for you! Christina talks healthy living, where she finds her motivation to stay fit, and how she maintains her Balanced Babe lifestyle. 


BB: Christina! You have so much going on – when did you launch The Blonde Bird, and what is your mission behind your content?



C:  I launched my blog in November 2013. It is all about healthy recipes, fitness, diet, traveling and everything in between. My signature  meals are my healthy breakfast jar creations, which I deliver to my friends every Sunday. I love working on my blog, but I never knew it was going to be so time-consuming! I learned a lot about nutrition from my twin sister, who is a nutritionist. My mission is to help people to motivate themselves to make healthy lifestyle choices.



BB: Such a great mission to have! What inspired you to start Blonde Bird?


C: I was posting pictures of my healthy breakfast jar creations, colorful smoothies and workouts on Instagram and my private Facebook page and lots of people asked for recipes, my workout routine and what I eat to stay healthy. I recognized that I could help people to live a healthier life when I started a blog about it.






BB: Speaking of your creations, what’s the message behind your motto “Eat Your Breakfast Out Of JarsCaribbean Bowl”?

C: I like jars in any size and I love to eat out of them. The ones I use for my breakfast creations are the perfect size. When you fill them with clean, organic ingredients, like oats, lots of fruits, almonds and almond milk you have your ideal, nutritious breakfast to start your day in a healthy way. As you can seal the jars they are perfect for to go, too. Jars are different and more special to regular cereal bowls and they are beautiful to look at. I like to serve my breakfast colorful and garnish it with nuts and dried fruits.



BB: Besides noshing on your jar creation of the day, what is a typical meal   plan for you?


C: I usually have my homemade saladgranola or overnight soaked oats and chia seeds with fruits, soy yogurt and raw cocoa nibs for breakfast. Plus a coffee or a green tea to wake up. For lunch I like to have a salad with tomatoes and quinoa or crips bread with avocado slices and hummus. In the evening when my boyfriend comes home from work I like to cook fish or chicken with vegetables or an omelet for dinner. I don’t snack much, but when I do, I eat a tablespoon of peanut butter or almond butter or drink a green juice. I try to fuel my body with the best foods 🙂




BB: Your schedule between blogging, work, school, and making your creations must keep you so busy! How do you keep your balanworkoutce?

C: I always lived an active, but not  an always  healthy lifestyle. When you are young you go out, eat junk food, and sometimes have a few too many drinks! Now a days I try to live as healthy as I can.

I work out at least 3 times a week. I like cardio (mostly step climbing as I’m not a fan of running) and light weightlifting. My fitness center now offers cyber trainings with fitness and wellness expert David Kirsch, who will hopefully help me get that perky butt I’ve always wanted. 😉

Work and university can be very stressful sometimes, but I try to keep my stress levels low. When I have time to relax I like to take a bath and do the full beauty ritual: body scrub, skin masks, and self spray tan.


BB: Aside from being active and fit, what keeps you motivated to make healthy eating choices/lifestyle choices?



C: Instagram! It is ridiculous what social media does to you. I follow so many inspiring health and fitness accounts, and models and athletes. Before I became an IG addict (I swear, my iPhone broke and my replacement can’t download Instagram – I could cry!) I didn’t even know what powerfoods like chia seeds, maca or lucuma were. Now I discover new workout and recipe ideas every day. Although, I get the most inspiration from  the Australian model Stephanie Claire Smith. She eats healthy, works out a lot and just looks perfect!




BB: You must really love to cook. Speaking of, what is your favorite quick and simple healthy recipe?

C: Oooh! Guacamole!!! Clean, healthy, easy to make and you can use it in so many ways. Of course, I sometimes dip tortilla chips in it 😉

You need:                                                                  Directions:

1 avocado                                                                  Cut the avocado in half.

1/4 onion, chopped                                                  Pit it and scoop out the meat.

2 tablespoons plain yogurt                                     Use a fork to mash the avocado.

1 tomato, chopped                                                  Add all ingredients and mix.

cilantro                                                                    Season with salt and pepper. Voilà!

pickled jalapeño slices, chopped

juice of a half lemon

salt & pepper





BB: Wow that sounds delicious,  now I need to make some guacamole to go with my Mexican Quinoa dish! On top of your healthy eating habits, what is your quick tip for keeping a fit figure?


C: Stay hydrated and always take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.







1394793_419630561492947_470145334_nBB: When you’re on the go, what do you keep stashed in your purse to keep your hunger at bay?

C: My favorite healthy snack is fruit. I always have an apple or banana in my bag when I have class to avoid reaching for unhealthy alternatives. My newest on the go addiction is a mix of almonds, goji berries, mulberries, raw cocoa nibs, manucca raisins and barberries. I found the so-called Himalayan Mix at a local supermarket a few weeks ago.






BB:  You truly are a total Balanced Babe! What advice can you give to people who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle?




C: Drink tons of water, eat clean, stay active, get enough sleep. Try to be the best version of yourself!









BB: What can we expect from you in the near future?

C: I want to make my breakfast jar delivery service bigger. Maybe I will own a small café in a year or two. I want to launch an online store where you can purchase my homemade granola and my (not yet written) e-book. I have so many plans and dreams – I hope to realize them soon.



Long story short, if this Balanced Babe can’t inspire you to live your life filled with motivation to make healthy eating choices and lifestyle choices, then I don’t know what else will! Keep an eye out for her homemade granola sold online soon. Life should be fueled with hopes and dreams;  set your goals today and start taking small steps towards  your successful future!


Follow Christina and keep up with her scrumptious jar recipes and tips:

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    What do you mean by "eating clean" exactly? Like organic? You're a true inspiration for another balanced babe and I always want to learn more! ;)

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