Reduce Toxic Chemicals In Your Home to Help Your Body Heal

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As part of my hormone healing journey and my general path towards bringing my health back into balance I am taking steps to lower my toxic load. One of the main areas that I am working on to keep my environment conducive to healing is in my home. Not only am I on my own path to healing my hormones and a few other conditions, I also have two young children who I also want to be mindful of when it comes to chemicals in the environment they spend most of their day in.

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Here is what I am doing to reduce toxic exposures to balance my hormones and to help my body heal:

  1. Replcaing all plastic tupperwear and bottles.

Many plastic items such as tupperwear, food packaging and especially bottled water may contain a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA). This chemical is an endocrine disrupter, meaning that it can wreak havoc on your hormones. This is especially important for pre-made meals that are packaged in plastic and are microwaved in the plastic. In that instance, BPA can leach into the food at an even higher rate.

So what I am doing at home is sourcing glass tupperwear, and glass or stainless steel water bottles for when I or my family is on the go.

2. NEVER having shoes on in the house (besides house slippers)

I have been doing this for years and years, but wearing shoes inside the house is a big no no for me and my family. Shoes can track in pesticides from public grassy areas, viruses, bacteria and many other toxic particulates. Since my children crawl and play on the floors daily, I am very conscious and aware that all shoes are left by the door to keep our floors free from these contaminates.

3. Swapping out all of my cookware to nontoxic cookware

Since we cook at home for the majority of our meals, we are mindful of the types of utensils and cookware we use. Cookware such as teflon, coated pots, nonstick pans, and aluminum cookware are known to leech toxins into the food being cooked in it. This can make it a challenge when it comes to healing the body, because the goal here is to lower the toxic load we are exposed to every day. When the toxic load in our bodies becomes too high, it can obviously negatively impact our health. Sourcing cookware that is nontoxic is an extremely important way to keep toxins low in your household.

A few types of cookware I have on hand always is a reliable cast iron skillet, parchment paper instead of alluminum foil, beeswax instead of plastic wrap, and ceramic cookware.

I recently started cooking with Caraway Home’s line of cookware for this exact reason. Caraway is a ceramic non-stick line of cookware that is non-toxic. They have a mineral-based coating that results in no leaching of toxic chemicals into your meals. It is free of toxic PTFE materials which includes a common non-stick chemical caled Teflon, and an added bonus is that Caraway is also non-stick so that you don’t have to douse the pans with oil or other fat sources.

4. Making my own home cleaning solutions

The last great way that I am supporting my home to have as little chemicals and toxic exposure as possible is by making my own cleaning products. Wood cleaners, multi-purpose sprays and other common cleaning products are loaded with endocrine disruptors and chemicals that should not be inhaled regularly. I usually blend together white vinegar, lemon peels that have been soaked overnight in water, baking soda and essential oils to make a killer multi-surface spray and it works just as well as conventional cleaners.

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