Big Announcement: We’re Having A Balanced Baby!

balanced babe pregnancy

This is not your typical nutrition or wellness education post, but something much more personal and close to my heart (obviously!) My fiance and I have been busting at the seams to share our exciting news: we’re having a Balanced Baby!! Our precious baby *boy* and love of our life is due September 2018 and we are already so in love and over the moon happy to welcome a miracle to this world. 

Now that I’m 17 weeks preggers I’m finally getting some energy back, but up until now my journey has definitely been a whirlwind, and I’m so excited that I can now share this experience with the Balanced Babe community! My Fiance and I found out back in January and have been happily keeping our special little secret between us, our family and close friends until now! It was actually funny because right around when we found out I was expecting, my fiance decided to cook some exotic food which sent my sense of smell in overdrive, launching the beloved “morning sickness” – my first pregnancy hint. Luckily I never actually got sick, and my nausea was only triggered by certain smells and never got tooooo out of hand. I’ll definitely be sharing a first trimester post soon!

balanced babe pregnancy

I’m so excited to be sharing all sorts of pregnancy (and wedding) content. All about each trimester, products I’ve been using, my diet and fitness routine since pregnant and all sorts of useful content that I’m hoping all the other expecting mommies can find useful! But do not fret- I’ll also still be posting my usual holistic health guides, easy healthy recipes and my usual balanced lifestyle content! 

The moment my pregnancy fiiinally felt real is when I paid a visit to my doc at my 12 week ultrasound screening and was able to see bubby boi (that’s his nickname thus far) dancing away in my belly. He was karate chopping and twirling around so much that the ultrasound tech was having such a hard time getting him to stay still to get a detailed screen to check his development. Maybe that means he will be a super athlete just like mama! 

This is also why I’ve been a little less consistent with articles and keeping up the brand in general. Lots of wonderful changes means re-organizing priorities and shifting schedules – but now that I’m (for the most part) back on track balancing work, life, wedding, and baby, I’m excited to share even more articles and content on how to live the ultimate balanced life!

balanced babe pregnancy

You can definitely expect two new columns: Balanced Baby, and Balanced Bride. Both topics covering how to have a balanced pregnancy, wedding planning advice (to keep you sane during the planning process) and all sorts of additional fun stuff! 

I hope everything makes sense now as to why I haven’t been going full steam ahead with articles, TV segments and what not as I’ve been adjusting to this new exciting chapter of my life! I’m counting down the days until we meet our wonderful baby boy! 


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