Healthy Around Town in Chicago: April 2017


Looking to open your horizons and expand on new, fun health practices that can help you reach your best? Say no more. We’ve done a little research for what’s new and happening in the wellness world in Chicago and are proud to say that these new (and some not so new) businesses are here to ensure your health and well-being. How would you like to be healthy around town? Let’s take a peek of what’s on and poppin’ in Chi-town:


New Boutique Fitness Studios:

Barry’s Bootcamp

This strength and interval training fitness experience will motivate you to work harder than ever! The classes provide a one-hour workout involving high-intensity, yet fun, fitness. Barry’s is designed to promote fat loss and tone muscle all by alternating cardio and weights in a high energy environment. A new location just opened up in Lincoln Park.

Studio Three

Located right in the heart of downtown Chicago, this fitness boutique is just over a year-old. Studio Three offers high-intensity interval training, yoga, and cycling all in one. There are three floors dedicated to each discipline of fitness: your body, your mind, and your life.

Yoga For All Beings

This yoga studio is filled with a ton of natural light, a spacious lounge, and plenty of positive vibes. Yoga for All Beings offers a variety of yoga classes including: core yoga, yin yoga, level 1/basics yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa flow, yoga nidra, meditation, and even Teacher Training. This studio has everything for beginners all the way to mastery/teacher level. Complimentary hot tea after each class 🙂


To Satisfy Your Salad Craving:


You may have seen one of these restaurants around town already, and if you haven’t already walked in, we highly recommend. This restaurant’s mission is to provide healthy and simple foods to customers, while inspiring a community of those who support real food. Sweetgreen believes it is their responsibility to connect people  to local, healthy food. Because of this, they are committed to working with small to mid-size growers who are farming sustainably. Therefore, you know your food is coming from a good place. Check out this place for your next healthy lunch or dinner.

Roti Mediterranean

Roti’s purpose? “To serve food that loves you back.” It’s no question that Roti Mediterranean is inspiring those to participate in their mission. The Mediterranean diet is rich in wholesome grains, vegetables, olive oil, and lean protein and that is exactly what is served in this new up and coming restaurant chain. Not only do they supply the healthy ingredients to a Mediterranean diet, but you get to choose how you want them served.

Columbus Tap

Neatly tucked away in River East, Columbus Tap offers a few healthy eats if you’re feeling hungry after exploring Millenium Park. Some of their healthier options include open faced toasts that can be topped with avocado, squash and all sorts of healthy ingredients. They also have some delicious and filling salads such as the grilled asparagus salad that is topped with green goddess dressing and beet salad with hazelnut vinaigrette. 


For A Day of Detoxing:

The Wellness Studio

The Wellness Studio, located in our friendly Lincoln Park neighborhood, is dedicated to your wellbeing. They provide chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, and rehabilitation services to help those experiencing pain or simply just want to improve their health naturally. Their vision is to help people live healthier, more balanced lives. If you find yourself in any kind of discomfort or in need of a deep relaxation, head on over to the Wellness Studio.

LUX Wellness Studio

A boutique wellness studio offering a “holistically rejuvenating experience.” Located in the heart of River West, this wellness studio will have you leaving renewed. LUX provides their clients with an all-around relaxing atmosphere, impacting their physical, mental and emotional states of being. They offer massage therapy, organic skincare, body treatments, life coaching, and much more.


Lifestart’s goal is to motivate the corporate workforce. They create customized, compelling environments that inspire employees to relax, exercise, and socialize with colleagues. This company works closely with clients to transform their workplace through wellness.

contributing author: Lauren Cumbo

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